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[Review] Bloodthirsty 2021 Werewolf Movie

What happens when a young girl who is suffering a mental breakdown finds out she may not be having a mental breakdown and is turning into a monster? Enter the Bloodthirsty Werewolf Movie

It’s also worth noting that the she is not blaming her problems on possession like in the Devil Made me Do It.

Bloodthirsty 2021

Starring: Greg Bryk, Jayce McKenzie, Jesse Gervais, Judith Buchan, Katharine King So, Lauren Beatty, Michael Ironside

Summary: A vegan singer songwriter goes to work on her second album with notorious music producer Vaughn Daniels. But as the album progresses, she starts to transform into a powerful beast with a thirst for blood, meat and the hunt.

“Bloodthirsty” is basically a standard werewolf film, but at the same time it’s even more a character piece than an demonic animal element. That differentiation isn’t really something to be thankful for it causes issues with the entire film, since you can unfortunately develop a beast film with a limited amount of time without conveying a mostly nice beast, werewolf or something else entirely.

Grey (Lauren Beatty, who starred in “Bleed”) is a young women in her 20s she is a performer who had a good first album — enough with the goal that the press are harassing her for information on a followup, just as whether she intends to wed her live-in sweetheart. She discovers the two subjects intrusive, however at any rate family life with painter Charlie (Katherine King So) she is a steady, strong component in her life. Charlie, notwithstanding, is none excessively strong after discovering that Gray has picked as her next albums producer the regarded however antisocial Vaughn Daniels (Greg Bryk). This is risky on the grounds that not very far in the past he was gone after for the homicide of another young lady he was recording, however the charges were at last dropped.

The two ladies regardless crash into the boonies to his home-slice studio, a noteworthy, somewhat evil chateau complete with an imperious Mrs. Danvers-like servant (Judith Buchan as Vera). It doesn’t take some time before Charlie and their host are butting heads, especially after he showcases the late Greta’s alleged self destruction utilizing a genuine firearm. He pushes Grey to embrace the “something primal” he can “smell all over you,” getting her to admit she’s on meds (prescribed by Michael Ironside as a briefly-seen shrink)

As Gray begins to get herself increasingly more fascinated with Vaughn, a major crack begins to fill in her relationship with Charlie. It’s not until the hour and a half mark that the characteristic of this brief picture that Bloodthirsty begins to hurry up and really finish its prodded thoughts.

Truth be told, given the undeniable prompts toward Dracula (the off-kilter supper scene specifically), Bloodthirsty’s werewolf contort feels like it’s some unacceptable beast inside and out. One can’t resist the urge to feel this film ought to have been a vampire story – and inclined a lot harder into its shock all the while.

The film had good acting and high quality camera angles however it just never sold me on the whole werewolf movie, just not my cup of tea but hey maybe you will like it.

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