Ready or Not Sequel Promises to Be an “Absolute F—ing Banger” If It Gets Made

The delightfully deranged 2019 horror comedy Ready or Not may have only scratched the surface of its twisted universe. Fans of the hit film have been eagerly awaiting news of a sequel, and it seems their prayers may soon be answered. According to the original film’s directors, Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, known as Radio Silence, the script for a follow-up is nothing short of an “absolute f—ing banger.”

Radio Silence, comprised of directors Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin along with producer Chad Villella, have become a synonymous name in the horror industry in recent years. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gillett and Bettinelli-Olpin provided an exciting update on the potential sequel:

“It’s getting figured out,” Gillett told Entertainment Weekly. “That’s what we’ll say: Ready or Not 2 is getting figured out. What we can say is that there is a script that is an absolute f—ing banger of a sequel. And however it gets made, and in whatever capacity we are helping get it made, we are so excited that it’s happening. That movie is truly the love of our creative lives in a lot of ways.”

The original 2019 film, which was a critical and commercial success, followed the story of Grace (Samara Weaving), a young bride who on her wedding night is forced to participate in a deadly game of hide-and-seek by her eccentric new in-laws.

While the directors didn’t expect so much story potential after the first film, it appears that after five years, they found themselves drawn back into the deliriously demented world of Ready or Not.

“I don’t think we knew after making it that there would be so much story left to tell,” Gillett revealed. “We’re so proud of what that first movie is, we’re so proud of what the sequel is. We’re just really excited, and fingers crossed that it gets made.”

Bettinelli-Olpin added confidently, “And with Searchlight and Samara, they’re not gonna let it down,” suggesting Weaving may reprise her role as the resourceful Grace.

Previous reports indicated Weaving would return, with director Adam Robitel (Escape Room) potentially at the helm, though details remain under wraps.

While the sequel is still in the “getting figured out” stage in terms of actually getting produced, the Radio Silence team seems determined to bring this “absolute f—ing banger” of a story to life, however, they can help make it happen.

So while we await official word on Ready or Not 2 actually moving forward, Radio Silence has stoked excitement with their obvious passion for continuing this wickedly entertaining horror franchise.

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