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Rachel Stavis’ “Sister of Darkness” Memoir Heading to the Small Screen

Rachel Stavis is not your typical exorcist, and soon her astonishing story will reach an even wider audience. Stavis’ riveting memoir “Sister of Darkness: Chronicles of a Modern Exorcist” is currently in development for a scripted series adaptation at FX, with renowned director, actress, and producer Pamela Adlon (“Better Things”, “King of the Hill”, “Californication”) signed on to executive produce.

Rachel’s story is a revelation, shining a light on the mysterious and fascinating realm of modern-day exorcism. While “Sister of Darkness” has its share of supernatural scares and thrills, it is also a thought-provoking exploration of the unseen forces that plague humanity. In a world filled with tales of horror and the paranormal, Rachel is our knowledgeable guide into the very real world of the unexplained. She introduces readers to the diverse range of entities that surround us, explaining their power and what we can do to protect ourselves from these dark forces of the spirit realm. This insider’s look provides insight and tools to counteract the influence of malevolent spirits – delivering not just spooks but also valuable wisdom in a spellbinding narrative.

As the sole non-denominational female exorcist in the world, Stavis has dedicated her life to cleansing the souls of thousands tormented by entities. By removing these harmful attachments from infected individuals, she reveals how trauma opens people up to forces that drain their energy and destroy their humanity.

Since childhood, Stavis has seen dark “monsters” and entities around certain people. Told it was her imagination, she suppressed her gift until adulthood events forced her to embrace her power to heal. She now helps the tortured unburden themselves from the forces feeding off them, performing exorcisms pro bono.

Her unique secular approach, free of religious dogma, makes “Sister of Darkness” a fascinating chronicle. It recounts Stavis’ journey and her most perilous cases, including cleansings that endangered her and her clients. We meet diverse people she has helped, from children and celebrities to ordinary folks, through gripping stories of danger and redemption.

“Sister of Darkness” is the perfect addition to your Halloween-themed editorial lineup. This chilling memoir delves into the darkest corners of the human experience, exploring how pain, trauma, and malevolent forces can infiltrate our lives. Stavis’ incredible encounters with dangerous entities and the possessed will send shivers down your spine, providing a captivating backdrop for any Halloween-themed content.

Don’t miss the chance to learn directly from this brave exorcist, who faces peril to help the tormented unburden themselves. Let Stavis guide you through her eye-opening world before her incredible story reaches the small screen. “Sister of Darkness” delivers a thrilling inside look at a rare gift used to combat sinister forces.

“Sister of Darkness: Chronicles of a Modern Exorcist” is currently available at or on Amazon.

You can also check out our interview with Rachel promoting the release of her Tubi special Celebrity Exorcism.

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