Prepare to Get Slimed All Over Again – The Ghoulies Are Coming Back!

Horror fans, get ready to revisit one of the most delightfully demented creature features of the 80s – the Ghoulies franchise is making a huge comeback! The original film’s director Luca Bercovici and producer Jefery Levy have reclaimed the rights, and they’re wasting no time in unleashing a brand new trilogy of slimy, scream-inducing fun.

For those who need a refresher, the Ghoulies series kicked off in 1984 with a young man moving into his family’s old mansion, only to become possessed by ancient demonic forces. This set off a chain reaction of chaos, as the titular pint-sized ghouls proceeded to wreak havoc across the big and small screen over the course of four cult classic films.

Now, over 40 years later, Bercovici, Levy, and newcomer Theo Lemasters are ready to take us back into the Ghoulies’ world in a major way. Not only are they cooking up a brand new trilogy of films to continue the legacy, but they’re also expanding the mythos through a series of tie-in novels and an exclusive line of merch that’ll let fans bring home a piece of the slimy action.

“Drawing upon their unmatched expertise and unwavering passion, Levy, Bercovici, and Theo Lemasters are set to unveil a series of projects that will keep audiences wallowing in filthy horror fun for many years to come,” the team promised in a recent press release. And if their track record is any indication, this new Ghoulies revival is going to be an absolute must-see for fans of practical effects, creature features, and sheer, unadulterated B-movie mayhem.

After all, the Ghoulies franchise has always been about delivering a deliciously twisted good time – from the original film’s iconic toilet gag to the increasingly over-the-top hijinks of the sequels. And if the creators’ lofty promises are any indication, this new trilogy is poised to take that signature Ghoulies spirit to unprecedented new heights of gooey, ghastly glory.

So get ready to get slimed all over again, horror fans. The Ghoulies are coming back, and if this creative team has their way, they’re going to leave an indelible mark on the genre for a whole new generation. This is one revival we simply can’t wait to see unleashed!

Source: AP