Nightsiren to Premiere in Select US Theaters This September

The acclaimed psychological horror film Nightsiren is set for a limited theatrical release in the United States starting September 22. Directed by Tereza Nvotová and written by Barbora Namerova and Tereza Nvotová, the Slovakian film has garnered praise from critics and film festivals alike.

Set in a remote mountain village, Nightsiren follows two sisters who face trauma under their abusive mother. After a tragic accident, blame falls upon Otyla, a Romani woman accused of witchcraft. Twenty years later, the elder sister Šarlota returns, prompting suspicion from the superstitious townspeople. As tensions rise, a mysterious disease befalls the village’s animals.

Nightsiren has earned comparisons to acclaimed horror films like The Witch and Midsommar for its exploration of dark themes through an intimate, character-focused narrative. While all three films share elements of folk horror and psychological tension, Nightsiren stands out for its cultural specificity and themes of prejudice, identity, and the ripple effects of past injustice.

After winning Best Actress and Best Feature at the Sitges Film Festival and the Golden Leopard at Locarno, Nightsiren is finally reaching US shores. The release includes major markets like Los Angeles, New York, and Kansas City. Rich Wolff, CEO of distributor Breaking Glass Pictures, expressed enthusiasm over sharing this “thought-provoking and emotionally resonant film” with wider audiences.

Nightsiren will premiere in select art house theaters starting September 22. With its harrowing narrative, social commentary, and thematic depth, this Slovakian export emerges as one of the most anticipated horror releases this fall.

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