The 2021 sci-fi thriller Cosmic Dawn revolves around a young woman who joins a UFO cult after her mother appears to have been abducted by aliens.

She’s been told she’s crazy for most of her life after witnessing an alien abduction as a child. Then, while still a young woman, Aurora discovers a book written by the leader of The Cosmic Dawn and joins the group. Aurora experiences a plethora of miracles during her stay at the cult’s remote island compound, including consciousness-expanding flowers and a developing friendship with Tom, the island’s cook. Aurora begins to wonder if Elyse is sane (and herself) as one of her fellow cult members starts to display increasingly bizarre behavior.

Aurora has moved forward with her life after dissolving the cult years later. She appears to be living a normal life now. Aurora is forced to confront her past when she finds Elyse in a mysterious video. She and Tom work together to uncover the truth about The Cosmic Dawn. Is Elyse really able to travel to another dimension? Do her prophecies refer to mass suicides among cult members who remain alive?

Cosmic Dawn

Cosmic Dawn Filmography Details

Written & Directed by: Jefferson Moneo
Production Companies: Prowler Pictures, Fidelio, Neon Sheep Pictures
Scorched FilmsProducers: Mark Raso, Joseph Raso, Brian Robertson, Jefferson Moneo
Executive Producers: Luisa Law, Patrick Hackett, David Hand, Mauro Mueller, Daniel Futa, and Catherine Cartwright-Hand
Featuring Music By: MGMT
Starring: Camille Rowe, Antonia Zegers, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Joshua Burge, Phil Granger
Country of Production: Canada
Run Time: 98 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2:1

Check out the trailer for Cosmic Dawn below:

YouTube video

The premiere took place at the Nightstreams Festival in October 2021.

Cranked Up Films will release Cosmic Dawn theatrically and on-demand in the United States on February 11, 2022.