New Trailer Released for Highly Anticipated Aussie Slasher Film ‘Bad Girl Boogey’

Horror fans, rejoice! The official trailer for the acclaimed Australian slasher film ‘Bad Girl Boogey’ by Alice Maio Mackay has dropped. At just 17 years old, Mackay is poised to become horror’s hottest new directorial voice. Her debut feature ‘Bad Girl Boogey’ is a radically inclusive slasher for a new generation.

About ‘Bad Girl Boogey’

‘Bad Girl Boogey’ follows Angel, whose mother was brutally murdered on Halloween night 16 years ago. Now, Angel’s best friend has been slaughtered by the same parasitic mask-wearing killer. Angel must confront her deepest fears and the trauma of her past to track down the murderer before they claim more victims.

The film has received rave reviews at film festivals like Popcorn Frights Film Festival, Monster Fest and Salem Horror Film Festival. Horror legend Bill Mosley, known for ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2’ and ‘The Devil’s Rejects,’ provides a chilling voiceover cameo. The cast showcases fresh talent including Lisa Fanto, Iris Mcerlean, Chris Asimos, Toshiro Glenn and Lewi Dawson.

Release Details

Dark Star Pictures will release ‘Bad Girl Boogey’ on digital platforms July 4, followed by a DVD release July 11. Select theaters will also screen the film starting July 7. Alice Maio Mackay’s debut slasher is here to slay outdated notions of who gets to occupy space in horror.

Watch the Official Trailer

Eager horror hounds can now watch the official bone-chilling trailer for ‘Bad Girl Boogey’ on YouTube. The trailer provides a glimpse into the cutting-edge horror and mayhem in store from this bold new voice in genre cinema.

YouTube video

The Future of Horror is Here

With ‘Bad Girl Boogey,’ Alice Maio Mackay announces herself as horror’s most exciting new directorial talent. Her radically inclusive, socially-conscious slasher film is a clarion call for a new generation of horror fans. Mackay is poised to boogey her way to the top of the genre. The future of horror is here – and her name is Alice.

Mark your calendars for July 4 and prepare to get your slash on with ‘Bad Girl Boogey.’ This is only the beginning. The enormously talented Alice Maio Mackay is here to stay.