My Favorite Troma Lunatic ‘Bozo’ from the Toxic Avenger 1984

Bozo is a character from The Toxic Avenger is an all time classic straight from Troma Entertainment, a B movie turned cult classic. Released in 1984 and watched on screens still to this day its an epic adventure of Melvin the nerd who gets exposed to toxic waste and mutates into the bad guy killing Toxic Avenger also known as Toxie.

The main villain of the film is none other than Bozo played by Gary Schneider who also appears as one of the villains of Class of Nuke’em High another great Troma feature film.

We learn that Bozo is a sociopath lunatic who get’s his kicks out of running over innocent children, mugging old ladies and being a total bully to everyone around him.

He has great one-liners that just crack me up.

He’s stressing me out Julie!

Check out The Toxic Avenger 1984 so you can see why I love the Bozo character.