Krazy House: WTFilms Acquires New Nick Frost and Alicia Silverstone’s Horror Movie.

While the extreme violence and chaotic tone proved polarizing at Sundance, WTFilms sees international appeal in the eccentric horror-comedy. The Netherlands-based sales company has an eclectic slate spanning all genres, making Krazy House a natural fit. ( reported by deadline )

WTFilms founder Wendy Tsang said, “We are super excited to team up with Kaap Holland Film to bring this crazy film to audiences worldwide. We absolutely loved Krazy House and the wacky humor Steffen and Flip so effortlessly bring to the big screen.”

The horror-comedy premise offers plenty of potential to spotlight the directors’ trademark absurdist style. And the star power of Nick Frost and Alicia Silverstone should attract genre fans in various territories.

Frost is beloved for his collaborations with Edgar Wright on Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. More recently, he’s expanded his range in projects like Fighting with My Family. Meanwhile, Silverstone’s presence taps into 1990s nostalgia with her iconic turn in Clueless.

While reactions were mixed at Sundance, the extreme violence and provocative humor could find fans on the midnight movie circuit internationally. WTFilms has experience navigating tricky sales for bold and unconventional films that split audiences.

And the horror-comedy genre has proven to have strong appeal globally in recent years. WTFilms has seen success handling international rights for offbeat entries like Danish zombie comedy Out of Death starring Jamie King.

With WTFilms now onboard to sell territories, Krazy House seems poised to secure distribution deals across Europe and beyond. The horror-comedy likely won’t be for everyone. But for fans of unhinged cinema with a twisted sense of humor, Steffen and Flip’s English-language debut promises to deliver exactly that when it arrives in theaters later this year.

The partnership between WTFilms and Kaap Holland Film is off to an explosive start with the acquisition of Krazy House. As Wendy Tsang said, “We can’t wait to see how audiences worldwide respond to their brilliant madness.”

So while reactions may be mixed amongst critics and general audiences, there’s clearly an appetite for bold and shocking horror-comedies on the international market. Expect WTFilms to target specialty genre distributors and festivals to give Krazy House a long life on the midnight movie circuit in territories across the globe.