Killer Toys Incoming! NECA Unveils Gruesome New Figures for Toony Terrors Line

Horror hounds, it’s playtime. NECA has pulled back the curtain on Series 9 of their phenomenally fun Toony Terrors line, and these upcoming figures are gloriously ghoulish.

As a lifelong horror buff and toy collector, I’m thrilled to see M3GAN, Tarman, Vincent Price, and The Fiend joining the fray. NECA perfectly captures the essence of these icons with their signature retro cartoon style. M3GAN wielding her weaponized paper cutter sword already gives me chills – talk about nightmare fuel!

The detailing on Tarman’s decayed flesh and Vincent Price’s distinguished suit bring these characters to spooky life. And The Fiend representing punk pioneers The Misfits with his flaming skull is devilishly perfect. Each figure comes with character-appropriate accessories that prove NECA knows their horror history.

Toony Terrors has swiftly become essential for horror fans seeking shelf-worthy toys that call back to our beloved genre’s roots. And NECA consistently delivers with new original sculpts that evoke the vintage action figures we grew up with.

As a writer for Horror Facts, getting the scoop on these upcoming releases is a total thrill. Our readers eagerly eat up all the latest horror merchandise news, and this Series 9 sneak peek will certainly excite collectors. With M3GAN terrorizing theaters now, her addition to the line is well-timed and demonstrates NECA’s sharp attention to what’s hot.

Stay tuned to Horror Facts for more coverage on Toony Terrors and all things spooky as we creep closer to their January 2024 debut. Will you be adding these morbid miniatures to your collection? Let me know which figure you’re most psyched to snatch up! Personally, I can’t wait to have M3GAN and her teen-slaying accessories on my shelf.