If You Watch One Scary Movie this Halloween, Make it Sinister

It’s finally Halloween and a frightening horror film is the perfect way to celebrate this spooky holiday. As the final pick in our Halloween movie countdown, we’ve saved the best spine-tingling recommendation for last. Our #1 pick to get you in the terrifying spirit on All Hallow’s Eve is the 2012 occult thriller Sinister. This is one movie that will send shivers down your spine all the way to the closing credits.

Sinister follows true crime writer Ellison Oswalt, who moves his family into a home where a gruesome murder took place, unbeknownst to them. Ellison intends to research the unsolved crime to regain his fame as an author. In the attic, he discovers a box containing a projector and several reels of Super 8 home movies depicting families being murdered in horrific ways. Ellison notices a mysterious symbol and a sinister figure appearing in the footage and works to investigate the murders captured on film. Through his research, Ellison learns the killings are linked to an ancient pagan deity named Bughuul who consumes the souls of children. Strange occurrences begin happening around Ellison’s own family, making him fear they are the next targets.

With its masterful use of tension-building techniques, shadowy cinematography, and a pervading sense of dread, Sinister is a must-watch this Halloween. Once Ellison uncovers the gruesome Super 8 footage depicting entire families being brutally murdered through drownings, arson, and more, the horror ramps up scene by scene. As Ellison investigates further, the demonic spirit Bughuul becomes an ever-present, shadowy threat, guaranteeing jump scares and sleepless nights. This occult thriller will haunt you with disturbing memories in the days following your viewing, cementing its legacy as the heart-racing nightmare of a film it is.

Let Sinister consume you in its unrelenting, terrifying descent into darkness this Halloween. This occult thriller will stay with you for nights to come after the final screams fade, cementing it as your new favorite horror film. With its pagan deity craving sacrificed souls, sinister forces, and families in mortal danger, Sinister is perfectly tailored to the Halloween season when the veil between the spirit world and our own feels at its thinnest. If you’re looking for a diabolical horror flick destined to make this Halloween one you’ll never forget, put Sinister at the top of your watch list now! 

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