Horror Fans Brace for a Bloody Good Time with ‘Stream’

If the massive success of Terrifier 2 last year is any indication, horror fans are in for a truly terrifying treat with the upcoming film Stream. Reuniting many of the same talented minds behind that cult hit, Stream promises to be a bloodcurdling thrill ride that will have audiences squirming in their seats.

Set for release on August 21, 2024, Stream comes from writer/director Michael Leavy, who wore multiple hats as a producer, actor, and assistant director on Terrifier 2. He’s joined by that film’s director Damien Leone as producer, helping to ensure Stream maintains the same shocking, boundary-pushing spirit.

The official plot synopsis is delightfully deranged: “As the Keenan family tries to bring themselves closer together, they unwittingly enter a game of life or death. With four deranged killers patrolling the halls of their hotel and competing for the most creative kills, the odds are definitely stacked against them.”

If that premise doesn’t have you eagerly awaiting Stream’s release, then the murderer’s row of horror icons assembled for the cast surely will. Jeffrey Combs, Tony Todd, Danielle Harris, Tim Reid, Dee Wallace, and David Howard Thornton as the infamous Art the Clown headline a cast stacked with genre legends.

For Thornton, Stream offers a tantalizing tease of what’s to come when he dons Art’s ghastly makeup once again for Terrifier 3 later this year. The opening of that long-awaited sequel will pick up directly after the infamous finale of Terrifier 2, no doubt kicking things off with a bloodbath for the ages.

Before audiences are treated to Art’s next rampage, Stream looks to whet their appetites for mayhem. Composer Paul Wiley and producer Phil Falcone, who both worked on Terrifier 2, are also aboard to bring their talents to this depraved affair.

Following a North American theatrical release via Iconic Events Releasing, Stream will stream onto a service that has yet to be announced. However, given the pedigree involved, franchise fans and hardcore horror Hounds would be wise to clear their calendars for August 21st. Stream is poised to be a hot ticket item for thrill-seekers everywhere.

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