Halloween Kills Collectible Toy

So perhaps you are a toy fan like me and you recently had a chance to see the new Halloween Kills film, even if you didn’t like the film or maybe you loved it! Either way this Halloween Kills Collectible Toy may spark your interest.

You still want your collection of Horror Toys to keep growing and well, with this new Michael Myers action figure from The Big Bad Toystore you can have a piece of horror history in your display case forever. The new Myers action figure comes in at 17.78cm tall, its made of plastic and comes in a very nice box.

Upon looking at the figure it appears to be very detailed from the burned up mask all the way down to the left shoulder of the overalls also being damaged by the fire that was set in Halloween 2018.

So what do we get in the box? lets take a look at this Halloween Kills Collectible Toy

Designed to reproduce Michael Myers as seen in the new Halloween Kills movie, this figure stands over 7″ tall and has over 25 points of articulation. It includes tons of accessories as well.

  • Michael Myers figure
  • 2 Head sculps
  • 2 Alternate hands
  • Baseball bat
  • 2 Knives
  • Crowbar
  • Broken light bulb
  • Skull mask

While this Halloween Kills Collectible Toy isn’t by any means in a limited run, it still offers a great addition to any serious toy collectors display case, coming in at $37.99 USD it’s really a bargain.

If this figure caught your eye then check out the Big Bad Toy Store.