Halloween Ends Slashes It’s Way To Theatres Tomorrow! Predicted To Take Number 1 Box Office Position!

Tomorrow is October 13th sees the launch of both the theatrical version of Halloween Ends as well as the Peacock streaming version of the film. The movie will be shown in 3,800 different theatres around the country. A trip to the theatre is sure to be entertaining thanks to all of these factors, not to mention that its the spooky month of October.

It is now almost certain that Halloween Ends will take the crown as the most popular and financially successful film on the big screen this weekend in the box office. This can be deduced by taking a look at what is currently being shown in theatres, which reveals that Halloween Ends is currently the only option. On that topic, I’m confident that Peacock, the streaming service, will also witness a large increase in subscribers for the month as a result of the fact that many fans will choose to watch the latest Halloween movie entry at the comfort of their own homes.

Following the conclusion of its second profitable weekend, Smile continues to hold the top spot at the box office. But as previously mentioned all signs point to Halloween Ends taking the number one spot in the box office.

The first weekend of business for Halloween Kills brought in $49 million. Given that lockdowns and other preventative measures have been relaxed in most areas. If my predictions are correct, the film will have a record-breaking opening weekend and finish as the weekend’s top earner.

The world premiere of Halloween Ends just happened and the celebrities were out in force looking absolutely stunning to attend David Gordon Greens Halloween Ends Premiere, we scoured the internet and found some of best pictures of the guest present at the event, take a look at them below.


Here’s how the plot of Halloween Ends goes down:

After four years have passed since her last meeting with Michael Myers in his mask, Laurie Strode is now living with her granddaughter and working on her biography. Myers hasn’t been seen in a while, so Laurie can let go of her anger and dread and start living again. But when a young man is accused of killing the kid he was babysitting, it sets off a chain reaction of violence and horror that compels Laurie to face the evil she cannot stop.

While the film may be called Halloween Ends, it may be the end of Blumhouses run on the films for awhile but you can rest assured the franchise will return in some form or another in the not so distant future. Evil never dies!