Halloween (2018) Goofs, Mistakes And Plot Holes

For many people, Halloween is synonymous with not just the festival that occurs every calendar year, but also with the cult classic film known merely as ‘Halloween,’ which was initially made by John Carpenter in the 1970s and has been re-released MANY times throughout the years for better or for worse. But are you aware of the Halloween (2018) Goofs?

With the power of the internet, the Horror Facts team has collected all of the mistakes, plot holes, and, of course, goofs that were present in the film.

It was Blumhouse that brought the most recent instalment of the Halloween film franchise to the screen, and it has been universally acclaimed by fans and new viewers alike as the finest continuation of the series to date.

What this means is that you can ignore every other sequel and consider the first entry in the Blumhouse Halloween series as a sequel, taking place many years after the events of the original, in which Michael Myers has been arrested and institutionalized for the rest of his life. This is essentially how the 2018 Halloween edition works.

The movie is really good and has opened the door to two more sequels, namely Halloween: Kills, and Halloween: Ends. But enough of that, let’s get right to the Halloween (2018) Goofs.

Mistakes in the Halloween (2018) Film a detailed list of all the issues on set.

It is inevitable that every film will have errors, some more glaring than others, and Halloween (2018) is no different; there are several movie issues that can be seen throughout the picture.

Let’s explore the Continuity issues in Halloween (2018)

One of the Halloween (2018) Goofs that I was able to spot right away was the terrain. Yep, something as simple as different landscapes are visible in the movie. Halloween is set in Haddonfield, Illinois, yet there are countless palm trees and even cypress trees that can be seen in the backdrop of the picture, despite the fact that none of those types of trees grow in that area. This is a more common issue than you would think when it comes to Hollywood films, but it’s a fact.

Another one that you may have noticed is the police car scene with the doctor. After being dragged out of the vehicle by Michael, Dr. Sartain falls to the ground and is stomped on by Michael’s foot, which causes his skull to be crushed. His skull has been more or less recomposed by the time the police arrive to inspect his body. The only explanation here is that they must have shot the scene either before the special effects were applied or after.

Again with the police car portion of the film is another error that may happen to quick for you to notice. While in the police vehicle, Allyson, who is sat in the backseat, is briefly visible in the front seat. The scene happens quickly so you would have to be paying good attention to notice this one but its clearly there.

Depending on the version you are watching, there may be various edits floating around. In general, at about 86 minutes into the film, after Michael Myers has cracked the glass pane in the door and is attempting to strangle Laurie Strode, she uses her right hand to raise a sawed-off shotgun from her right side of her body towards Michael Myers’ grasping arm. When she pulls the trigger, his left hand is no longer strangling her. She falls to the ground only after his hand is blasted apart. In actuality, if his hand had been free, she would have fallen to the ground long before this time.

Keeping in the spirit of continuity comes another quick viewing issue, Allyson and her pals are strolling down a sidewalk discussing her grandma when they come upon a yard decoration that resembles a gravestone with the words RIP. During the same phrase, there is an edit to a wider view, but they are now going by a plastic skull positioned in front of a tree that was not before there.

Ray is murdered outside Laurie’s home at the conclusion of the film, after which Michael just leaves the corpse where it is. Laurie, on the other hand, discovers Ray’s body in an upstairs closet, despite the fact that Michael never had the chance to move it there.

The “hidden” basement’s secret entrance. Earlier in the film, the opening was slower. Once the action begins, it opens considerably quicker, is less loud, and Michael can tear it up off the floor.

The view from the basement displays cracks, dust, and even Michael Myers’ footprints through the floor as he goes around Laurie’s home. Previously, the floor was depicted to be made out of square floor tiles with no gaps.

When The Shape grips Karen’s ankle at the conclusion of the film, Allyson tries to stab him with a blood-splattered kitchen knife. Half a second later, the knife has vanished, only to return on the floor later.

Movie facts about Halloween 2018 from blumhouse all the mistakes made in the movie

Factual mistakes in Halloween (2018)

While the factual flaws in the film are unimportant to the final ending of the Blumhouse blockbuster, they are there, and we have highlighted the ones we discovered.

During the scene with the cemetery lady she recalls another nearby cemetery where Bernie Mac and Muddy Waters are also buried. Those two individuals, however, are buried in two distinct Illinois cities and certainly not nearby.

In the epic scene where the bloggers visit asylum there is an issue with how patients are housed outdoors. In today’s world, the use of chains and enormous cement blocks to restrain patients in the asylum courtyard would almost definitely not be permitted due to the danger of patients harming themselves on the block or the chains.

The patients are chained to cinder blocks in the institution’s courtyard, which doubles as a temporary jail. The safety perimeter around each patient is indicated with a large yellow square that matches to the checkerboard pattern on the facility’s ground cover. Because chains may move in all directions, the safety zone ‘should’ be a large yellow circle. Furthermore, the cinder blocks are not put in the center of the safety squares.

The last factual issue that we were able to discover is at the gas station. When Aaron pumps petrol at the gas station, the pump is not really pumping any gasoline, as seen by the blank display. When he’s finished pumping gas, the pump displays the gallons and price as usual.

The bottom line

If you’re a Michael Myers fan, don’t be fooled by the film’s mistakes listed here. The movie has been out for a while, but now that you know about the errors in the film, you may want to see it again just too look for the Halloween (2018) Goofs. You may be able to find ones that we didn’t!

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