Gruesome New Horror Homage “Thorns” Unleashes Hell in Exclusive Clip

A new wave of retro-inspired horror is arriving next month with the release of Thorns, a gory fright fest that pays tribute to genre classics such as Hellraiser, The Thing, Alien, and The Exorcist. Directed by Douglas Schulze (The Dark Below), this Lovecraftian tale promises practical effects galore and enough viscera to turn stomachs.

Bloody Disgusting has shared an exclusive clip that gives a taste of the horror to come. We see a research team investigating a remote facility, when suddenly a portal opens and all hell breaks loose. Faces melt, blood flows, spines snap – it’s two minutes of body horror carnage.

At the center of it all is horror icon Doug Bradley, best known as Pinhead from the Hellraiser franchise. Here he plays a mysterious archbishop who knows more than he lets on. The rest of the cast includes Lauren Alexandra as the lead researcher, plus Edwin Neal of Texas Chainsaw Massacre fame.

YouTube video

The premise finds an ex-priest turned scientist investigating strange signals from a remote observatory. What he discovers is a nightmare creature that threatens to hasten the apocalypse. To defeat this “thorned monster,” he must rediscover his faith.

After hitting genre festivals like Sitges, FrightFest and Beyond Fest to much acclaim, Thorns is getting a limited theatrical rollout thanks to Dark Planet Releasing. On February 23rd, it opens in Detroit, Kansas City, and San Diego theaters via Emagine Entertainment, B&B Theatres, and Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas. More cities will follow later this year.

Director Schulze crafted the film as an unapologetic throwback, relying on practical makeup FX over CGI. Combined with a synth score and many sly references to 80s classics, it promises to transport fans back to the golden age of creature features.

Prepare for a thorny blast from the past when this portal to hell opens later next month. It may just leave you stunned or cause your head to explode in gruesome delight!