End Your Week with a Creepy Cult Classic – Saturday the 14th

Happy sinister Saturday, fiends! As any horror buff knows, certain calendar dates take on a creepy aura all their own, even without falling on the infamous Friday the 13th. And today’s unsettling alignment echoes a 1981 horror-comedy gem custom made for such eerie weekends – Saturday the 14th.

This sly and surprisingly charming B-movie spoof has earned a cult following for its self-aware satire of horror tropes. It follows an ordinary suburban family moving into a suspiciously affordable new home, only to find it plagued by real monsters and occult artifacts leftover from its previous owners. What follows is a funhouse of classic creatures running amok.

While a parody, Saturday the 14th plays its absurd scenario straight, cramming countless monsters into its runtime from a fanged Grandpa Munster type to a growling werewolf to the rotted zombie Billy who became an icon. Its creatures lack any pretense or CG sheen, simply cheesy practical effects come to cartoonish life. The schlocky fidelity fits perfectly.

With its surreal gags like blood gushing from household appliances, Saturday the 14th feels almost like an R-rated Scooby Doo romp. It indulges every creepy cliché with an infectious love for traditional thrills and iconic beasts that makes it far more endearing and rewatchable than the Scary Movie spoofing trend it preceded.

The film never tries to overtly mock or subvert horror – it wants only to recreate the silly, spooky kicks of a drive-in creature feature marathon every week. And seen today, that genuine affection makes it a warmer, fuzzier nostalgia trip than critics perceived upon release. Track it down this ominous October 14th for laughs and throwback love.