The Top 5 Easter Bunny Horror Movies 2023 edition

Easter Screams: Terrifying Horror Movies to Watch This Holiday

While Easter is typically associated with pastel colors, chocolate bunnies, and family gatherings, there’s no rule that says you can’t indulge in some spine-chilling horror on this holiday. In fact, what better way to celebrate the dark origins of Easter than by immersing yourself in the macabre world of horror cinema?

From deranged bunnies to unholy resurrections, these horror flicks offer the perfect twisted counterpoint to the sugary sweetness of Easter. So grab some Peeps (to throw at the screen in fright), dye some eggs blood red, and settle in for a truly eerie Easter with these unsettling picks.

Rabbit Horror: Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)
Let’s kick things off with a comedy classic that happens to feature one of the most terrifying rabbit sequences ever filmed. In Monty Python’s cult masterpiece, the legend of the Rabbit of Caerbannog proves to be no joke when the unassuming critter turns out to be a frenzied, monster-sized bunny that viciously attacks the hapless heroes. With its blood-curdling shrieks and furious gnashing of teeth, this killer rabbit will make you think twice about petting the Easter Bunny.

Zombie Bunnies: Night of the Lepus (1972)
What could possibly be scary about bunnies? This so-bad-it’s-good 1970s cult flick answers that question with a resounding “a whole lot” when a ill-advised experiment causes rabbits to mutate into giant, ravenous, human-devouring monsters. With a premise as gloriously bonkers as its title, Night of the Lepus delivers the perfect slice of campy, low-budget horror to get you in the Easter spirit (while making you very afraid of Cadbury Eggs).

Unholy Resurrection: Risen (2015)
If you’re looking for a more serious take on the Easter horror genre, this underrated gem offers a fascinating blend of biblical fantasy and straight-up terror. Risen follows a powerful Roman military tribune who is tasked with investigating the mysterious disappearance of Jesus Christ’s body after his crucifixion. As he delves deeper into the unsettling case, he finds himself confronting miracles, the supernatural, and unholy resurrection that will make you question everything you think you know about the Easter story.

Evil Bunny Slasher: Bunnyman (2011)
For those who crave a more traditional slasher experience with an Easter twist, look no further than this gory cult item. When a truck accidentally hits a man in a bunny costume, it sets off a chain of murderous events that will satisfy any horror fan’s bloodlust. With its deranged killer who gruesomely dispatches anyone in his path while dressed as the Easter Bunny, Bunnyman takes maniacal mask-wearing villains like Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees and gives them a truly twisted holiday makeover.

Supernatural Bunny Horror: The Night Watchmen (2017)
In this underrated supernatural chiller, a group of office workers pull an overnight “data-dumpster” shift on Christmas Eve, only to have their workday turn into sheer terror. While being trapped in a bleak office building is creepy enough, the situation takes a decidedly sinister turn with the arrival of an ominous figure in a mangy Easter Bunny costume. Is it a scary prank, or something far more diabolical? You’ll have to watch to get to the twisted truth.

So get ready to celebrate Easter in the most morbidly twisted way with these creepy, unsettling, and downright eerie horror picks. From killer rabbits and supernatural bunnies to unholy resurrections, these movies are guaranteed to make you see the Easter Bunny in a ghastly new light. Nibble on a chocolate egg if you dare – you’ll never look at this holiday the same way again.

Looking to get your terrifying Easter horror fix without spending a dime? While many of these twisted titles are available to rent or purchase, there are also some free streaming options to let you indulge in all the bunny-related terror:

This free ad-supported streaming service is a must for horror fans, with an impressive library of cult classics and under-the-radar gems. You can stream Night of the Lepus and its killer rabbit mayhem completely free on Tubi.

Another excellent free streaming option is Crackle, which hosts a solid selection of horror titles. They have the supremely campy and crazy Bunnyman slasher available to stream anytime.

With a huge library of free ad-supported movies and shows, Plex is a must-have for any scary movie buff. You can find the biblical horror thriller Risen ready to stream for free on this platform.

The Roku Channel
Roku’s free ad-supported channel is a hidden gem for free horror streaming. They have The Night Watchmen and its creepy Easter Bunny villain available to watch without paying a cent.

With plenty of free ways to get your fix of deranged bunnies, unholy resurrections, and holiday horror, there’s no excuse to miss out on these terrifying Easter treats. Just make sure to keep the lights on and the Peeps within throwing distance. Happy haunted streaming!

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