Easter Bloody Easter”: The Next Holiday Horror Classic Arrives This March

As the world eagerly awaits the arrival of spring, a new horror-comedy film is set to shake up the season with a twisted tale of a bloodthirsty Jackalope on a fluffy murder spree. Easter Bloody Easter, the feature directorial debut of filmmaker and star Diane Foster, promises to deliver a delightfully twisted take on the beloved holiday.

In the small community of Walburg, housewife Jeanie finds herself battling to save her husband and neighbors from a shape-shifting creature that transforms from a human into a giant, horned rabbit. As a series of gruesome murders rock the town, Jeanie teams up with her best friend Carol and a rugged bunny slayer named Megan to uncover the truth behind the Jackalope’s rampage.

What follows is a wild ride of demon bunny armies, unflappable church ladies determined to carry on with festivities, and an ever-rising body count threatening to ruin Easter forever. This unlikely trio of heroes must use every ounce of Texas grit to solve the mystery and stop the reign of furry terror.

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While recent years have lacked a new, truly terrifying monster that can stand among the all-time greats, another unholy creature now lurks on the screen, hoping to carve its name into the annals of monster cinema. Brace yourself to never forget the blood-soaked Easter egg hunt brought to horrifying life by the monstrous JACKALOPE in this shocking new horror offering – an amalgam of rabbit and antlered beast.

The film’s cast includes director Foster alongside Allison Lobel, who also penned the twisted script. Kelly Grant, Zuri Starks, D’Andre Noiré, Zachary Kanner, Miles Cooper, and Gavin Lee help round out the ensemble.

Easter Bloody Easter showcases top-notch filmmaking in front and behind the camera. The film’s terrifying Jackalope was imagined by Foster and brought to life by Alexandra Bayless (daughter of Emmy winner William Bayless) and artists Ashley Stansbury and Lydia Morales. The demonic bunnies terrorizing this unsuspecting town were created by Jesse Velez, the talented special effects artist from Raptor House FX who is responsible for creating “Thing” in Netflix’s series Wednesday.

Fans of horror-comedies and holiday-themed frights can look forward to a wild ride filled with laughs, scares, and plenty of fluffy carnage when Easter Bloody Easter arrives Tuesday, March 26, on Cable VOD and Digital HD from Gravitas Ventures.

This film promises to be the holiday equivalent of classics like Krampus, Leprechaun, and Halloween, cementing its place as a must-watch for friends and families seeking a twisted new Easter tradition.

You can pre-order Easter Bloody Easter now on iTunes/Apple TV.