Darkside Releasing Summons Lovecraftian Horror in UNDERNEATH: An Anthology of Terror

The indie genre film distributor Darkside Releasing has opened a portal to madness and ushered in whispers of insanity with the acquisition of UNDERNEATH: An Anthology of Terror. Hailing from the sinister minds at Thinking Chrome Productions and Beats In Heat, UNDERNEATH is a descent into Lovecraftian horror with tales of corruption that seep into our world from beneath.

An unstable man returns to his country home, only to find the house is a conduit to hell itself. Breaches in the basement ooze a mysterious black fluid carrying maddening stories from “the other side.” This clever and twisted anthology weaves characters and tales of terror through a narrative of creeping horror.

UNDERNEATH comes oozing onto Blu-ray in Spring 2023, with special features including a director’s commentary, isolated score, and the short GLIMPSE which inspired the feature. Streaming terror will follow on AMAZON PRIME, Tubi, and more.

John Nicol, Andre Becker, and Cory Ivanchuk direct this feature-length follow up to Nicol’s award-winning horror shorts. Nicol runs Thinking Chrome Productions and is currently editing a sequel, UNDERNEATH: Beyond the Threshold. Becker contributes producing and composing prowess, applying over 20 years of indie filmmaking experience. His Beats In Heat outfit most recently co-produced Secret Santa and Seeking Oblivion.

Brave souls Brent Baird, Nicholas Koy Santillo, Andrew Baptiste, Carole Malone, Mikey McMurran, Niki Kerro, and Rebecca Kilburn headline the cast. They descend into the house of madness that is UNDERNEATH, where the only escape may lie in the sweet salvation of insanity.

Stay tuned for more mind-shattering details on the unleashing of UNDERNEATH: An Anthology of Terror, the latest eldritch horror unlocked from the vaults of Darkside Releasing. Sanity is overrated, and evil bubbles up from beneath. You have been warned!