Dalf-Lo: A Cereal Worth Killing For

Welcome to the insane, horrific world of Dalf-Lo: A Cereal Worth Killing For.

In the beginning, there was the perfect, balanced-breakfast cereal that children loved to devour while watching their Saturday morning cartoons.

Dating back to the 1970s, Sweet Vitamin Puffs of Fun and its quirky cartoon mascot, Dalf-Lo, enthralled children worldwide with fun commercials and delicious, sugary cereal.  But slowly, over time, in specific households across the world, a terrifying trend was emerging. Kids were going missing and their parents were found murdered and horribly mutilated. Some parents were found to be partially eaten! In multi-child households, only one child, usually aged 9 or 10, was missing without a trace. The only common threads between the international cases, spanning decades, were a box of Sweet Vitamin Puffs of Fun at every crime scene and the insane babbling of witnesses claiming to have seen “food portals” and a cartoon demon. Police assumed a deranged serial killer and/or child abductor was the real culprit, but the truth was far darker, scarier, and more sinister. No one would ever suspect the cereal’s cartoon mascot, Dalf-Lo, was the culprit. Very few people know he’s real and targeting specific children to join his loyal, brainwashed army in a fantasy ‘Breakfast Bliss’ food dimension.

Issue #1 of Dalf-Lo: A Cereal Worth Killing For by Zelpha Comics introduced the world to the first cereal killer mascot and took its readers into the disturbing world of Dalf-Lo and his addictive cereal, Sweet Vitamin Puffs of Fun. But that was just the beginning of Dalf-Lo’s saga.

Now the killer mascot is back and bloodier than ever in Dalf-Lo: A Cereal Worth Killing For #2, the second installment in the Dalf-Lo Breakfast Cereal Mascot Killer picture book/comic book series, exclusively available on Kickstarter.

Where Issue #1 had more of a slow build-up before the bloodshed to allow readers to understand this new horror character better, issue #2 is all-out anarchy. The full extent of Dalf-Lo’s powers and crimes against humanity will be in full bloom. Get ready for a slaughter-fest!! 

In issue #2 of Dalf-Lo: A Cereal Worth Killing For, the story of Dalf-Lo and his pursuit of the ‘perfect children’ to become part of his rabid army of breakfast cereal cannibals continues as it explores more of the cereal mascot’s intentions and techniques to lure specific kids toward his dimension of Breakfast Bliss.

Issue #2 will also address so many of the questions left unanswered from the first issue, including: How was Dalf-Lo created? What is in Sweet Vitamin Puffs of Fun that makes kids into murderous cannibals?  Why does he despise parents so deeply? What company made Sweet Vitamin Puffs of Fun?

Along with continuing the story of Dalf-Lo, the first character introduced in the greater “Enter the World of Mephistopheles” horror universe, this new issue will provide a venue for cameo appearances of multiple characters, good and evil, that will be key players in the greater “Enter the World of Mephistopheles” landscape.

Characters include a homeless killer who must consume flesh in order to survive his physical agony, a living adult doll obsessed with punishing men after being burnt alive as a ‘witch’ in her previous life, and a ‘good-ish’ archangel that punishes the wicked in the most horrific ways – Heaven’s ruthless bounty hunter!

But be warned, Dalf-Lo: A Cereal Worth Killing For #2 is being released with limited print variant covers by comic book industry leading artists. Each variant is limited to a specific number of copies and will not be reprinted.

Below are images of the standard edition and all variants offered.

If that isn’t enough, the Kickstarter campaign is going beyond limited-edition variant covers by offering some truly unique perks on an extremely limited basis. Once these perks are fully claimed, they will not be reproduced.

Perks include ten 2022-edition cereal boxes of Dalf-Lo’s Sweet Vitamin Puffs of Fun. Each box will be signed, numbered, and produced specifically for this campaign.

There is also a special Horror Family, handmade, 3D cardboard poster that features Freddy, Jason, Pinhead, Myers, and others by acclaimed indie artist Surjit Chana.

Other perks include a Dalf-Lo articulated cardboard magnetic action figure, t-shirts of Dalf-Lo and the new living doll introduced in this second issue, as well as six trading cards featuring all the new characters in the upcoming 2023 Mephistopheles shared universe.

In order to get your copy of Dalf-Lo: A Cereal Worth Killing For #2 and pick up some of these once-in-a-lifetime perks, make sure you head over to the Zelpha Comics Kickstarter page and secure your limited copy today.

Dalf-Lo: A Cereal Worth Killing For #2 has a modest pledge goal due to having everything in place. The printer is ready, the script is almost finished, and the artist is ready and hungry to finish the book. The variant covers are completed. There is very little to no risk in completing this next issue. We are prepared to release it to the world early next year.