Spark Movie Blood in the Snow

Spark Blood in The Snow Short Film Review

The brand-new short film Spark will screen at the blood in the snow movie festival in 2022. a film festival showcasing the best independent and full-length indie horror in the genre. The strange movie Spark opens with a man outside after a woman asks him to enter, but is there …

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Vicinal Short Film Review Blood in the Snow 2022

Vicinal is a Short Film that has made it’s appearance at this year’s Blood in the Snow film festival. I had the opportunity to screen the film thanks to the fine folks over at Super Channel. The plot follows Thom and Romina, a young couple living in an affluent downtown …

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The Watcher Netflix Original Movie Review

The Watcher Netflix Original Horror Series Review

Ryan Murphy, who also made the recent smash hits “American Horror Story” and “Dahmer,” is the show’s creator and director, so I had no qualms about diving into “The Watcher” right away. Imagine buying the home of your dreams, only to start receiving strange and threatening messages after you move in, …

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Terrifier 2 is Not For The Faint of Heart

Art is back and bloodier than ever in Terrifier 2! After all, you just can’t keep a good serial killing clown down. Terrifier 2 takes place following the events of the original film, with Art being resurrected inside the morgue. Once resurrected, Art begins to carve a new bloody path …

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The Sleep Experiment

The Sleep Experiment Movie Review

It’s not surprising that The Sleep Experiment was inspired by true events, because it’s horrifying to consider the kinds of terrible experiments that administrations and academics were able to get away with in an era when there was so much less openness and blame.The film’s aesthetic does a poor job …

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Smile (2022) Movie Review

Should You Watch Smile (2022)? Movie Review

Before the opening titles roll, practically every aspect of the horror picture “Smile” has been established: its excellent creep factor, its well-executed albeit typical shock methods, and its intertwined subject of trauma and suicide. Dr. Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon), a hardworking and dedicated therapist, is having a conversation with a …

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Barbarian Movie Review on Horror Facts

Barbarian Film Review Don’t Go In The Basement

If you hear someone saying, “Don’t go down there,” you should listen. This phrase is frequently used by characters in scary movies as they peer down into the basement’s murky depths in search of the source of a noise. Occasionally, a viewer may interject, “Just do the smart thing and …

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Here for Blood Movie Review

Here For Blood Movie Review

In the horror comedy film Here for Blood, Resident Evil actor Shawn Roberts plays the part of Tom O’Bannon. O’Bannon is a nice guy who has a good reputation in the world of wrestling, and he only displays the tiniest bit of anger when his fiancée Phoebe (Joelle Farrow) asks …

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Sally’s Lullaby

Sally’s Lullaby Review

Jonathan Cook wrote and directed Sally’s Lullaby, which is a horror movie with a funny take on the “monster stalking its prey” genre. The movie also has a lot of great gore and interesting camera work. The synopsis for Sally’s Lullaby goes something like this. A monster is hiding in …

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