Cast Announced for Upcoming Horror Film ‘Charlie Shaw’s Revenge’ 

The Eastbourne-based independent film production company Drop Dead Films recently announced the exciting cast for their latest horror film ‘Charlie Shaw’s Revenge.’ The film will feature notable stars from popular TV shows like Coronation Street, Shakespeare & Hathaway, and Captain America: The First Avenger,  as well as talented newcomers. 

The diverse cast includes:

  • Shahla Ayamah (Justice League) – An actress known for roles in major blockbuster films. 
  • Mark Benton (Shakespeare & Hathaway, Christmas Carole, Ratburger) – A veteran television and film actor who has appeared in many popular British shows. 
  • Billy Cashin (The BRIT School, The Level) – A graduate of the prestigious BRIT school making his film debut.
  • Molly Cattanach (Peter Pan) – An actress with experience in major theater productions. 
  • Bill Fellows (Coronation Street, Ted Lasso, Broadchurch) – A well-known television actor who has appeared in hit shows like Coronation Street, Ted Lasso and Broadchurch.  
  • Justin K Hayward (The Choir, 13 Graves, The Lockdown Hauntings) – An up-and-coming actor known for roles in independent horror films. 
  • Cerys Knighton (Charlotte, Foiled) – A stage and screen actress known for roles in the TV series Charlotte and short film Foiled.
  • Amelie Leroy (Waterside, Swords of Scavelia) – An actress who has appeared in the TV miniseries Waterside and short film Swords of Scavelia. 
  • John Locke (Darkest Hour, Cyrano, Vindication Swim) – An experienced film and theater actor known for roles in major productions like Darkest Hour, Cyrano, and Vindication Swim. 
  • Keri Hinna Martin (Carnibal, The Red Hallow) – An actress known for roles in horror films Carnibal and The Red Hallow. 
  • James Payton (Harry Potter, Captain America: The First Avenger, The Glass Onion) – A well-known film actor known for roles in major franchises like Harry Potter, Captain America, and Sherlock Holmes. 
  • Renato Pires (Morangos com Açúcar, Adventure Boyz) – An actor and producer known for roles in Portuguese TV and film, including Morangos com Açúcar and Adventure Boyz.

Director John Langridge said, “I’m delighted that we’ve been able to bring in some real stars of film and television to work alongside some fresh and exciting new talent who we’ve been able to cast in some fabulous and challenging roles. It’s great to be able to work with such a diverse range of actors and we can’t wait to get started.” 

The horror film will be filmed on location in Hailsham, UK using Knockhatch Adventure Park and the East Sussex School of Circus Arts. The film mixes experienced actors with circus performers and new local talent.  Langridge aims to provide opportunities for students and new actors to gain valuable on-set experience.

Producer Renato Pires said, “Having Drop Dead Films here will provide a great showcase for the School and its talented teachers and students. It’s an amazing opportunity to showcase the awe-inspiring acrobatic skills that our circus-trained professionals have, so it’s going to be great.”

Filming began this week and will last for around a month. Drop Dead Films is working with local colleges and universities to provide students with on-set experience. Local businesses like the Best Western Lansdowne Hotel, Weald Packaging Supplies, Beer Me, and Eastbourne Motoring Centre are supporting the production. 

‘Charlie Shaw’s Revenge’ looks to be an exciting new horror film featuring notable stars and up-and-coming talent. Filmed locally in East Sussex, the film aims to provide opportunities for students and new actors, as well as showcase local businesses. Drop Dead Films has gathered an intriguing and diverse cast, suggesting this indie horror film could deliver plenty of scares and entertainment.