Caddy Hack Tees Off This October

Anthony Catanese’s horror-comedy Caddy Hack is teeing up for release this October. The cult indie filmmaker, known for previous low-budget films like Girls Just Wanna Have Blood and Sodomaniac, wrote and directed this wacky take on the golfing genre.

The film follows the story of a struggling golf course as it suffers a string of caddy murders at the paws of pesticide-mutated gophers. The greedy owner tries covering up the carnage so as not to disrupt his plans to host the biggest tournament the course has seen since his father left it to him. Meanwhile, an unhinged groundkeeper wages an all-out war on the vicious vermin infesting the greens.

The caddies, determined not to fall prey to the razor-sharp teeth of these gophers, fight back against the creatures threatening their survival.

Caddy Hack stars Jim Gordon, Jake Foy, Chrissy Cavallo, Nick Twist, Ilene Sullivan, and John Evans in this wacky creature feature parodying golf culture. Best described as Caddyshack meets Gremlins, Catanese and his team of producers, including Sara Casey and Scott Miller, look to deliver a wildly entertaining and bloody good time.

The trailer offers viewers a chance to get a taste of all the hijinks and mayhem awaiting in this comedic creature feature. Fans can get a peek at the quirky characters, murderous mutant gophers, and bloody battles in store when Caddy Hack hits screens this October.

YouTube video

Caddy Hack will premiere on digital platforms on October 10, followed by a Blu-ray release on October 24. The Blu-ray edition includes special features like:

  • Director and producer commentary
  • Outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage
  • Old Glory Holes commercial
  • Caddy Hack rap music video
  • Balls Deep karaoke
  • Brew Break drinking game
  • Exclusive illustrated slipcase art
  • Exclusive folded poster

Golfing and horror fans alike will want to tee up for Caddy Hack this October when these bloodthirsty gophers take over the greens and provide some killer comedy.