Barbara Crampton to Produce ‘Tourist Trap’ Remake

Horror fans have beenput on high alert, as an exclusive report from Bloody Disgusting reveals that a remake of the 1979 cult classic Tourist Trap is in the works, with horror icon Barbara Crampton set to produce!

According to BD, Crampton will be producing the new take on the unsettling slasher through her role as Vice President of Production & Development at Alliance Media Partners. The company has acquired the rights to the property, paving the way for a new interpretation of the creepy mannequin-driven horror.

For the uninitiated, the original Tourist Trap followed a group of young friends whose road trip goes terribly awry when they become stranded at a bizarre roadside museum. Their situation takes a nightmarish turn as the museum’s owner, the sinister Mr. Slausen (played by Chuck Connors), uses his telekinetic abilities to bring the museum’s mannequins to life to stalk and kill the unsuspecting youths.

Directed by David Schmoeller, the 1979 film has attained cult status over the decades for its uniquely chilling mannequin villains and blending of traditional slasher thrills with supernatural horror elements. As Bloody Disgusting’s Meagan Navarro eloquently described it, “This slasher with a supernatural twist brings the nightmare fuel in the form of deeply unnerving mannequins.”

With her extensive genre experience from beloved horror films like Re-Animator, You’re Next, and the recent Jakob’s Wife, Crampton seems perfectly suited to shepherd this new take on such an iconic horror property. The actress-turned-producer will work alongside Bob Portal, Managing Director & Head of Production at Alliance Media Partners.

Alliance Media Partners has backed several well-received horror titles over the past few years, including The Wretched, Amulet, The Pale Door and last year’s body horror film Suitable Flesh starring Crampton. So genre fans can likely expect a respectful but terrifying new vision for Tourist Trap under their guidance.

Unfortunately, no other key details about the Tourist Trap remake were provided by BD’s report. The director, writer, cast, and anticipated release window all remain tightly under wraps for now. But with a horror legend like Crampton involved, you can be certain this is a project that will have genre fans keeping a very close eye on it as more information comes to light.

The original 1979 Tourist Trap is currently available to stream on platforms like Shudder, Tubi, Peacock, Freevee and AMC+ for those wanting to revisit or discover the creepy cult classic before the remake arrives. Though be warned, those deeply unnerving mannequin sequences are the stuff that nightmares are made of!

Stay tuned to for all the latest news and updates on the Tourist Trap remake from Barbara Crampton and Alliance Media Partners as this exciting new take on a horror cult favorite begins to take shape!