Award-Winning Short ‘Greed & Gore’ Now Streaming for Free

For horror fans who missed its wildly successful festival run, the splatter-filled short film Greed & Gore is finally available to stream anywhere. And the bloody good news doesn’t stop there – due to overwhelming demand, the filmmakers are preparing to turn it into a full-length feature!

The 15-minute horror/thriller from director Adam Kirkey has been an official selection at over 100 prestigious film festivals around the world since premiering in 2022. From ScreamFest LA and Chicago Horror Film Fest to Spooky Empire and Blood in the Snow, Greed & Gore left audiences at every stop completely raving.

The proof is in the pudding…or maybe we should say the proof is in the piles of gore. The shockingly gory short racked up a staggering 50 awards and counting across numerous categories like Best FX, Best Kill, Best Slasher, Best Horror Short, and even a few Best Film wins.

After such a rapturous reception, the filmmakers at Slinger Pictures have made the wise decision to give the people what they want – a full-length Greed & Gore feature to spread the grotesque goodness even further.

For those just now catching wind of this bloody phenomenon, the short film follows a crew of bank robbers who make the fateful mistake of holing up in the wrong safehouse following a heist gone awry. Let’s just say their greed takes them straight to gut-munching hell.

Combining wild splatter with seat-gripping suspense, Greed & Gore delivers a delightfully depraved horror/thriller mashup. The stacked cast is led by Julie Mainville (Butchers, The Good Doctor), rising star Krishan Dutt (The Boys), Matthew Bell (Curse of the Anti-Quenched), Monica Zelak (Chronicles of Blood), and newcomers Curt Derosier and Nick DeWolfe.

But perhaps the biggest star is the movie’s crazy, over-the-top practical gore effects. Greed & Gore’s wildly creative death scenes and bloody, bone-crunching mayhem had festival audiences simultaneously shrieking and cheering with sick delight.

For a taste of the wonderfully deranged thrills in store, you can stream the entire Greed & Gore short right now for free on YouTube courtesy of the Deformed Lunchbox channel. Be warned – they aren’t kidding about that title.

With production on the Greed & Gore feature film slated to begin this fall, now is the perfect time for horror fans to acquaint themselves with the soon-to-be cult classic. Whether you’re a die-hard gorehound or just a thrill-seeker looking for a deranged good time, this gruesome grindhouse gem is guaranteed to splatter your socks off.

After building a rabid following on the festival circuit, the big, bloody question now is whether mainstream audiences will also get greedy for this particular flavor of graphic gore in 2024. One thing’s for sure – the feature-length Greed & Gore is about to take this award-winning recipe for a deliciously depraved horror treat to a wicked new level of insanity.

You can watch Greed & Gore on the YouTube channel Deformed Lunchbox!