Fans may have disliked the film, but the mask is apparently a big hit.

As reported by, the mask in question is the one worn by Kane Hodder in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, in a 1993 sequel that recently went up for auction for an impressive $225,000. This is all the more remarkable considering that, prior to the auction, the estimated price ranged from $20,000 to $30,000.

A live auction was held at the event, Entertainment Memorabilia: Hollywood Treasures, where a large number of famous props and collectibles were auctioned off. The trophy of the auction was Hodder’s goalie mask, as well as a stop-motion terror dog puppet from Ghostbusters (sold for $11,000) and an M-41A pulse rifle from Aliens (which sold for $85,000).

Hodder signed the frightening mask seen on this page, and it has been proven to have appeared in the film. The auction listing describes the prop as the mask the actor wore during the explosive scene where “a SWAT team ambushes and blows up Jason.”

Jason Goes to Hell Signed Mask

The K.N.B. Effects Group manufactured and designed this version of the iconic Jason mask, which was “to appear battle-scarred, burnt, water-damaged and fused to the face of the latest wearer.” As a result, the prop is “extensively aged with grime, scratches and chips made by production.”

Adam Marcus directed Jason Goes To Hell, based on a screenplay by Jay Huguely and Dean Lorey. Following Jason’s death, the spirit of the masked killer takes over several people to continue the legend of Jason. “He must find and possess a member of his bloodline, but he can be destroyed forever by a surviving relative using a magical dagger,” it says in the synopsis of the film.

Fans and critics hated the movie, earning just $16 million on a $3-million budget. It was the second-worst performing Friday the 13th film. On a budget of $3 million, it collected only $16 million.