Asylum Press Presents: The Halloween Horror Box

Asylum Press, an independent publishing company that specializes in producing premium comic books and graphic novels within the horror, science fiction, and action genres, wants you to experience full-color horror in blood red, sickly green, and deathly black. All courtesy of their crowdfunding campaign ‘Halloween Horror Box’, which features a collection of five all-new horror anthology comics featuring an international cast of artistic talent.

Comics that Asylum Press promises to feature “in your face shock terror, over the top gore, psychological horror with a focus on dimented characters and twist endings.”

The five titles include Vampire Macabre: Halloween Special #1, Zombie Terrors: Halloween Special #1, EEEK!: Halloween Special #1, Asylum of Horrors: Halloween Special #1, and Vampires: Halloween Special #1.

Vampire Macabre: Halloween Special #1
(W) Frank Forte (A) Edu Menna, MoraMike, Frank Forte (CA) Aly Fell
Asylum Press brings you a horrific blood-thirsty collection of all-new vampire tales featuring an international cast of artistic talent. Frank Forte and Edu Menna deliver “Blood Wine” where a con artist dealing in bootlegged vintage wine gets his comeuppance from an elder statesman of the sanguine. In “Red Moon” a young woman tests her desires against a hipster rock star who has a dark secret, illustrated by MoraMike. In “Marked by the Beast” we delve into the life of a vampire servant who desperately wants to be a creature of the night by Frank Forte. And lastly, we introduce “NOSFEROTIKA” – a vampire queen whose lust for blood and the sins of the flesh knows no bounds. A must for all vampire fans!

Vampires: Halloween Special #1
(W) Steve Banes (A) Lou Cameron, Dick Beck, George Klein (CA) John Celardo, Frank Forte, Skinner
Features exclusive Kickstarter only covers by Skinner. Illustrator Skinner has contributed a cover illustration that will be featured in a regular and metal cover edition.
Sink your teeth into October’s horrifically haunted Halloween one-shot special It’s sure to drain the ever-livin’ life out of you – or at least drive you batty! Editor/host Mr. Karswell returns with yet another creepy, creaking castle swarming with vicious pre-Code vampires! Featuring rarely seen bloodsucker classics from the gory Golden Age of comics, highlighting the spine-chilling art of Lou Cameron, Dick Beck, George Klein, and more! Featuring the classic tales: “Vampire’s Bite,” “One Door from Disaster,” and “Vampire Castle.” Featuring vintage comic book ads and commentary by host Mr. Karswell.

Asylum of Horrors: Halloween Special #1
(W) Frank Forte (A) Frank Forte, Pablo Alvarez (CA) Aly Fell
The Halloween Special! The inmates at the Asylum bring you a new breed of haunted horror. This anthology features 4 stories from some of the best horror writers and artists in the industry. In “She-Wolf” by Pablo Alvarez, a fantastic medieval monster hunter warrior crosses paths with a young werewolf and his mother. In “Mutanza” by Frank Forte, a mad doctor finds new horror in his experiments. Plenty of creep, gore, and twists for fans of horror comics old and new.

Zombie Terrors: Halloween Special #1
(W) Frank Forte, Timothy Bacon, Brian Quinn (A) Frank Forte, Timothy Bacon, Brian Quinn (CA) Aly Fell
Asylum Press brings you a giant flesh-rotting collection of all-new zombie tales, featuring an international cast of artistic talent. Dwayne Harris brings us “Recluse” where an old man living in a cabin in the woods thinks he’s prepared for the zombie apocalypse, but nothing could prepare him for the bite of a recluse spider turning him into a creature of the undead. Timothy E. Bacon delivers “Zombie Panic” – in a post-nuclear future, a man tries to evade a horde of the Walking Dead. But they may not be as dead as they seem. “Abomination Dead” is written and Illustrated by Frank Forte. Brain Quinn writes and draws a zombie tale of feudal Japan entitled “Kowai.” An amazing horrific collection for the Halloween reader!

EEEK!: Halloween Special #1
(W) Jason Paulos (A/CA) Jason Paulos
The Halloween Special! Three brand new tales of Halloween and horror madness from the twisted mind of Jason Paulos. This retro-style anthology of horror tales is guaranteed to satisfy your need for creep and gore. In “Death Wears Hotpants,” a cocktail waitress is in for an appalling surprise when she finds out her new boss has an inkling for all things Satanic! “The Green Fairy” tells the tale of a failed artist who indulges too deep in the elixir known as absinthe, when a sexy succubus appears before him, his life takes a dramatic turn, but is it for the worse? EEEK features short tales of terror that will send chills down your spine!

To bring these terrifying titles to reality, the folks at Asylum Press need your help. By visiting the Asylum Press official Kickstarter page and donating to the project, you can secure yourself a copy of each issue “guaranteed to make your skin bleed.”

Those who pledge have the opportunity to choose between regular and variant covers of the five titles. These titles each feature Kickstarter exclusive covers that include NSFW “naughty” covers by Frank Forte, Jason Paulos, and Edu Menna, Metal covers, and a cover illustration by artist Skinner for Vampires: Halloween Special #1.

Full details of the different levels of rewards you can get are outlined on the Asylum Press official Kickstarter page.

Don’t delay, as this campaign is all or nothing. The project will only be funded if they’re able to reach their goal by Sunday, October 31, 2021. So don’t miss out on your chance to grab a copy of one or more of these five titles today.

For more information on Asylum Press, check out the official website at

The ‘Halloween Horror Box’ will creep under your skin, making you know the horror of the creatures of the night, the undead, of what lurks in dark spaces, and of the unknown that lies just beyond the black.

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