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Arrow Streaming Unveils Exciting New Titles for March 2024

Arrow Video has revealed an epic lineup of new titles being added to their Arrow streaming platform in March 2024. The diverse collection includes horror films, cult classics, retrospectives on iconic directors, and short films by emerging filmmakers. There’s something for every taste.

Kicking off March is End of the Road, a pedal-to-the-metal collection of automotive action films filled with reckless road trips, high-speed car chases, and four-wheeled thrills. Titles include Threshold about an ex-con caught in a deadly cross-country car chase, Black Test Car about a prototype autonomous car wreaking havoc, and Fill ‘er Up With Super about a gas station owner who discovers his fuel has strange properties. Buckle up for this wild ride.

Horror fans can Keep the Faith in March. This collection of religious and supernatural thrills pushes the godly and ungodly over the edge. The Righteous follows a priest who performs exorcisms, Black Rainbow is about a devout Italian village with a dark secret, and Crimes of Passion explores the thin line between ecstasy and sin.

Acclaimed horror director Jake West curated Jake West Selects, picking some of his personal favorite titles from Arrow’s library. West says, “I love ‘em all! If you’re looking for guidance or just want to take a chance you really can’t go wrong.” His diverse picks range from The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey and its time-traveling knights to the 70s feminist action film Switchblade Sisters.

Arrow’s Spring collection, Fashion Victims, sees models and photographers stalked by ruthless killers. Titles include giallo classic Crimes of Passion, indie film There’s Always Vanilla about a model caught up with radicals, and the sexploitation thriller Swap Nude for Your Killer.

Reality starts bending in Must Be Losing It. These mind-bending films blur the line between fantasy and reality. Naked Lunch is David Cronenberg’s adaptation of William S. Burroughs’ “unfilmable” novel. The Third Eye is about a little girl whose psychic visions turn sinister. And in Laguna Ave, a newspaper columnist becomes unhinged after meeting a strange drifter.

Finally, see cult classics like never before with Cult in 4K. Iconic films are digitally restored in stunning 4K clarity. Titles include Japanese horror classic Ringu about a killer video tape, short film Terrible Things which pushes a couple to the breaking point, and Clive Barker’s iconic Hellraiser about a puzzle box that opens a door to hellish pleasures.

The March offerings have something for every fan and demonstrate Arrow’s commitment to diverse genres, emerging voices, and cult favorites. So stream some of these exciting titles coming to Arrow in March 2024!

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