ARROW Offers a Frighteningly Fun May Lineup  

Cult cinema streaming platform ARROW has announced an exciting slate of new content coming in May 2023. The month will feature seasons dedicated to horror masters, controversial documentaries, little-seen gems, and more. Read on for the full list of cultish delights coming soon.

Molto Argento (May 1, UK/US/CA/IRE): A collection of stylish giallos from Dario Argento including Deep Red, Tenebrae, and The Bird with the Crystal Plumage. 

Psychotronic (May 5, UK/US/CA/IRE): Obscure science fiction, horror, and exploitation films listed in Michael Weldon’s Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film. Titles include Something Weird, The Crazies, and The Baby.

Mantrap: Straw Dogs (May 5, UK/US/CA/IRE): A documentary examining Sam Peckinpah’s controversial 1971 thriller. 

Motion and Emotion: The Films of Wim Wenders (May 5, UK/US/CA/IRE): A look at the cult German filmmaker behind Paris, Texas and Wings of Desire. 

Big Time Gambling Boss (May 5, UK/IRE/US/CA): A yakuza film classic from 1976 praised by Paul Schrader and Yukio Mishima.

A Woman Kills (May 5, UK/IRE/US/CA): A new wave-influenced serial killer film from 1968, never before released outside of France. 

Hand of Death (May 8, US/CA): An early Hong Kong action film starring Jackie Chan.  

The Gore The Merrier (May 12, UK/US/CA/IRE): A splatter-filled season including Microwave Massacre, Island of Death, and Inferno of Torture.

Masters of Horror (May 19, UK/US/CA/IRE): Films from horror masters like Argento, Romero, Fulci, and Miike. 

Adam Cesare Selects (May 22, UK/US/CA/IRE): A collection of cult American horror films curated by Bram Stoker award-winning author Adam Cesare.

Ghostly Goings-On (May 26, UK/US/CA/IRE): Spooky supernatural tales including Scared Stiff, 8-bit Ghost Hop, and Lady Morgan’s Vengeance. 

ARROW provides the perfect platform for discovering new cult favorites and rediscovering old ones. At just $6.99 a month, subscribers can enjoy a frightening amount of entertainment. Dive in and get watching!