A Spellbinding Horror Wedding: Legendary Filmmaker Charles Band Marries Actress Robin Sydney

Legendary horror filmmaker Charles Band, known for cult classic fright fests like Puppet Master, Re-Animator, and Tourist Trap, has wed actress Robin Sydney, star of The Gingerdead Man and the upcoming film Barbenheimer. The couple brought some delightfully dark magic to their special day.

On December 9th, 2023, Band and Sydney tied the knot at the Casa Del Mar Hotel in Santa Monica, California. Paying homage to both the magical and macabre, they hosted an enchanting Magic Castle-themed wedding brought to life through whimsical and mystical elements. Officiating the ceremony was iconic horror host, film critic, writer and actor Joe Bob Briggs.

From the décor to the musical performances, Band and Sydney’s big day was filled with spooky surprises and entertainment at every turn. Cirque du Soleil performers dazzled guests, including a contortionist flexing their spine-chilling skills inside a giant martini glass. Tarot card readers hinted at futures yet to come, while a redemption prize table offered gifts to guests able to unlock them through games of chance.

The event even featured belly dancers channeling their inner genies through hypnotic dances. And the entire affair was scored with delightfully eerie music composed specifically for the occasion by Band himself alongside musician Jeremy Boswell. Their sonic concoction set the mood for the darkly whimsical I dos.

Photography by Dexter Brown via Scandal Interactive

The guest list itself was a who’s who of horror celebrities on hand to witness the nuptials. In attendance was director Ted Nicolaou, known for helming the Subspecies gothic vampire franchise. All joined together in lifting their glasses to toast the newly betrothed couple.

When it came time for the procession, Band was walked down the aisle by his son Zalman Band, writer of the B-movie creature feature Bad CGI Gator. But the most spine-tingling performance came from Band’s other son and musical guest Alex Band, frontman for rock group The Calling. The singer dazzled with a live rendition of their 2001 chart topper “Wherever You Will Go.”

Band and Sydney clearly relished in putting their own playfully sinister spin on standard wedding traditions. From slicing into a multi-tier cake topped with figurines from Band’s own iconic Full Moon Features films to a first dance bathed in mood lighting, no macabre detail was spared.

Held at the classically elegant Casa Del Mar with its 1920s Golden Age Hollywood pedigree, the hotel’s grand ballroom provided a lavish backdrop. But Band and Sydney brought in their own unique brand of theatricality, transforming the landmark into a spellbinding celebration of all things horror. The venue practically pulsed with playful darkness as the kaleidoscopic light show flitted across the grinning faces of both first-time newlyweds and long-time fans of the genre alike.

Charles Band building an empire through beloved indie horror franchises like Puppet Master and Subspecies. Robin Sydney leaving her scream queen mark across gut-busting gorefests like Gingerdead Man and cheeky chillers like Mega Snake. That two titans of terror came together to join hands and hearts makes for a perfect match.

The guest book was signed and well wishes were gifted to the couple as they embark on their happily haunted after. Here’s hoping the magic they conjured on their wedding day is one that never fades. A night where the forces of fantasy and horror combined in macabre matrimony – what could be better than that?

As the candles burned down and the redemptive prizes all claimed, the bewitching wedding bash finally came to a close in the wee hours. The team at HorrorFacts.com wishes Charles and Robin a dark and delightful eternity together filled with horror, magic, and love everlasting.

We can’t wait to see what frightful delights this terrifying team conjures up next!