Why You Need Scream Therapy

Scream Therapy was born of writer/director Cassie Keet’s isolation, anger, and fear during the pandemic—as well as her fierce belief in the power of female friendship. Keet was furious, terrified, and missing her closest friends. She craved a creative outlet for these difficult emotions. 

The result is Scream Therapy, a delightfully unhinged horror-comedy that follows five friends whose desert getaway goes awry and pits them against a demonic cult and its sinister leader. But beneath the over-the-top gore and mayhem, Scream Therapy showcases the strength and resilience of the bonds between women. 

Complete with recreational drugs, ritual sacrifice, and Nicolas Cage adoration, Scream Therapy will have its world premiere at the Dances With Films Festival in Los Angeles on June 23rd. Scream Therapy will screen at the TCL Chinese Theatre at 9:15 pm, with Keet and her cast and crew attending the red carpet.

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After a brutal breakup, Avery seeks solace in the desert with her four best friends. Their restorative getaway spirals into chaos when they find themselves crossing paths with demon-worshipping incels on a disturbing mission. After the incels’ sinister ritual goes awry, the ladies are left with two choices: find sacrifices of their own, or have their souls ripped out when the sun rises.

With only hours left before the incels rip out their souls, the five women draw on their unbreakable bond to outwit the psychos and lunatics that stand in their way.

Keet masterfully directs this zany thrill ride, crafting gory mayhem and madcap humor from a shoestring budget. Beneath the splatter and satire lies a poignant story of friendship against formidable odds.

Keet, who started her career as a playwright, proves herself a capable director in her first feature film. Shot on a micro-budget over two weeks, Scream Therapy showcases Keet’s inventive style and humor. The cast made up of Keet’s talented friends and collaborators, have an easy chemistry and comedic timing that carries the zany story. For all its over-the-top antics, the film has a poignant message at its core.

While not for the faint of heart, Scream Therapy offers a fun, freaky ride for horror fans looking for something totally off the wall. Keet has crafted a clever, gory thrill ride that, despite its supernatural trappings, captures the joy and chaos of a girl’s trip gone awry. Part satire, part splatterfest, Scream Therapy announces Cassie Keet as an indie filmmaker to watch.

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