What You Need to Know About Lifetime’s My Sister’s Serial Killer Boyfriend

In My Sister’s Serial Killer Boyfriend, audiences should expect a cautionary tale about choosing the wrong person to love. The film’s title gives a pretty good hint as to what happens, but here’s the whole narrative just in case.


My Sister’s Serial Killer Boyfriend revolves around Olivia, Maddie’s younger sister, is attacked in her own home, and Maddie is completely unprepared for it. Maddie, a local journalist, is looking into a murder spree that seems to be targeting women who are strikingly similar to one another. Since it’s better to be safe than sorry, Maddie suggests they take a self-defense course. And when Olivia starts having emotions for their teacher, Maddie gets worried because he won’t tell her anything about himself. With Olivia’s safety in mind, she tries to intervene before their love grows into an unhealthy obsession.

Obviously, the success of a class depends on the connection established between the teacher and the pupils. Maddie is wary, while Olivia is head over heels. While still looking into the recent deaths, she decides to check out her sister’s new beau before things get too dicey.

The Cast

Brianna Cohen is the actress that portrays Maddie in the Lifetime series My Sister’s Serial Killer Boyfriend. Maddie is the primary character. Reporter Maddie is doing everything in her can to protect her sister from the unknown man that she has developed feelings for.

Revell Carpenter, who also had a part in another one of Lifetime’s new thrillers, plays the character of Olivia. Olivia begins to have feelings for the instructor of the self-defense class she is taking, but her sister Maddie is scared of him, and as a result, their relationship begins to spin out of control.

In the film, Rib Hillis portrays Haden, the serial killer boyfriend.

In addition to Brianna Cohen, Revell Carpenter, and Rib Hillis, the film My Sister’s Serial Killer Boyfriend also stars a number of other talented performers in pivotal supporting and smaller roles.

  • Casting Don Jeanes as Jack Houston
  • Playing Todd, Steve Olson
  • Starring Christian Blaque Meier as Kyle
  • The role of Charles was played by Gregory M. Mitchell.
  • Playing the part of Rachel Jones is Denise Hewitt.

The Story of My Sister’s Serial Killer Boyfriend

Both Maddie and her sister Olivia play pivotal roles in the television movie that aired on Lifetime. The oldest of the three, Maddie works as a reporter for a local newspaper and has been covering a murder investigation. It appeared that all of the victims were females of the same type. When Olivia, Maddie’s sister, is attacked while she is in the comfort of her own home, she is put on high alert.

How you can watch My Sister’s Serial Killer Boyfriend

On Sunday, January 8 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, the premiere of the TV-14 movie took place. You may see the movie right now by streaming it online at mylifetime.com.