Tubi’s July Lineup & Releases

This July, Tubi debuts an exciting new lineup of original films for your streaming enjoyment.

These original films are just a sample of the thrilling options streaming on Tubi in July. For those craving mystery, the haunting film “Meet the Killer Parents” follows a woman fighting to escape her boyfriend’s sinister family. True crime fans will be gripped by “Deep Web: Murdershow” which delves into the dark web as a podcaster investigates his sister’s death.

If spine-tingling suspense is more your style, check out “Cabin Girl” where an influencer’s isolated getaway becomes a nightmare in a haunted cabin. For a dose of the fantastical, “No Filter” chronicles a vlogger whose extreme pranks unleash a demonic force blurring reality and fantasy.

Whether you’re in the mood for chilling thrills, disturbing documentaries, supernatural suspense, or surreal scares, Tubi has you covered with a trove of original films this July.

New Tubi Originals For July 2023


DEEP WEB: MURDERSHOW (Debuting On Tubi July 08)
A podcaster’s investigation of his sister’s death leads him to a grisly website, where the highest bidder decides how a chosen victim will be killed.

CABIN GIRL (Debuting On Tubi July 12)
When a van-life influencer moves into an isolated cabin, she discovers the home has a dark history and becomes haunted by a troubled spirit.

MEET THE KILLER PARENTS (Debuting On Tubi July 14)
A young woman fights to escape her boyfriend’s wealthy family after learning they’re planning to drug and groom her. to replace their long-dead daughter.


NO FILTER (Debuting On Tubi July 28)
Viral sensation Anna’s pranks escalate as a demonic force invades her feed, blurring reality and virtuality. She must fight to survive or be taken offline.

FIVE STAR MURDER (Debuting On Tubi July 28)
A concierge and a headstrong guest investigate a murder at a hotel while a storm traps a group of ruthless hidden-treasure hunters inside.


ESCAPING PARADISE (Debuting On Tubi July 08)
When a young couple vacations on an exotic island, they encounter a dangerous fugitive who is determined to keep them from leaving.

SUNSET SUPERMAN (Debuting On Tubi July 27)
A drunk army ranger must keep his grandmother oblivious to the home invasion he’s defending her from.


PICTURE ME DEAD (Debuting On Tubi July 13)
When a district attorney’s niece is murdered and the man who is responsible is exonerated, the attorney is willing to risk everything she has to bring the murderer to justice.

DEADLY DILF (Debuting On Tubi July 20)
A harmless flirtation between a college freshman and the hot dad next door turns deadly when the young girl becomes obsessed with him and tries to destroy his marriage.


Step into 10 of the most terrifying locations in the world, ranging from haunted castles to abandoned islands certain to send chills down your spine.

TMZ NO BS: CHRIS BROWN (Debuting On Tubi July 26)
Chris Brown skyrocketed to fame and became one of the biggest stars in the world, but the trajectory of his life and career changed forever after he violently assaulted Rihanna.

New Movies Being Added to Tubi July 2023

All titles below begin streaming for free on July 1, unless otherwise noted:

• “1408”
• “Carrie (2013)” -7/3
• “Hostel Part II”
• “Hostel”
• “Insidious: Chapter 3”
• “Maggie”

• “Black Widow”
• “Carlito’s Way”
• “Dead Ringers”
• “Dirty Harry”
• “Fallen”
• “Seven”
• “Street Kings”
• “The Perfect Guy”

• “Blade”
• “Enter the Dragon”
• “Escape Plan 2: Hades”
• “Escape Plan: The Extractors”
• “Escape Plan”
• “Hitman”
• “Jurassic Park III”
• “Jurassic Park”
• “Jurassic World”
• “Max Payne”
• “Speed 2: Cruise Control”
• “Speed”
• “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”
• “The Mummy Returns”
• “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”
• “The Mummy” (’99)
• “The Rundown”
• “Wanted”

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
• “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (Director’s Cut)”
• “Highlander”
• “Little Joe”
• “Stealth”
• “The Darkest Minds”
• “The Fifth Element”
• “The Manhattan Project”
• “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bone”

• “21 (2008)”
• “Big Fish”
• “Casino”
• “Chain Reaction”
• “Cocktail”
• “Eat Pray Love”
• “Goodfellas”
• “Hacksaw Ridge”
• “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower”

Art House
• “ A Scanner Darkly”
• “Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams”
• “Dazed And Confused”
• “Dragged Across Concrete”
• “Sicario”
• “Skate Kitchen”
• “The Color Of Money”
• “The Hurricane”

Black Cinema
• “All Eyez On Me”
• “Amen”
• “Baby Boy”
• “Class Act”
• “First Sunday”
• “Guess Who”
• “The Great Debaters”
• “White Men Can’t Jump”
• “You Got Served: Beat The World”
• “You Got Served”

• “Can’t Buy Me Love (1987)”
• “Coyote Ugly”
• “It Happened One Night”
• “Killers”
• “Love And Basketball”
• “Romancing The Stone”
• “Two Can Play That Game”

• “Adventures In Babysitting (1987)”
• “Bad Company (2002)”
• “Big Trouble In Little China”
• “Clerks II”
• “Click (2006)”
• “Guess Who”
• “Hudson Hawk”
• “My Super Ex-Girlfriend”
• “Nutty Professor Ii: The Klumps”
• “Stripes”
• “The Hot Chick”
• “The Nutty Professor”
• “What Happens In Vegas”

• “3:10 to Yuma”
• “Cowboy”
• “Open Range”
• “Red River”
• “Renegade”
• “Silverado”
• “The Last Manhunt”
• “The Longest Drive”
• “The Magnificent Seven (1960)”
• “Wild Wild West”

Kids & Family
• “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”
• “The Longshots”
• “Big”
• “Kit Kittredge: An American Girl”
• “The Ant Bully”
• “The Nut Job”
• “Dennis The Menace”
• “Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird”

• “Cocaine Cowboys 2: Hustlin’ With The Godmother” – 7/12
• “Cunningham” – 7/23
• “Divide And Conquer: The Story Of Roger Ailes” -7/21
• “Good Ol’ Freda” – 7/28
• “Square Grouper” – 7/7
• “The Brink”
• “The Last Race” – 7/21
• “The Panama Papers”
• “Welcome To Chechnya”

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