Tubi Original Film ‘Unborn’ You Have to See This

Childbirth is often referred to as the miracle of life. Tubi’s new original film ‘Unborn’ asks the question. What if the new life growing inside you is something sinister. Something that once walked the earth and is now looking for its chance to come back

An expecting mother suspects that her unborn baby is possessed by the demonic spirit of her dead mother while her wife questions her unstable state.

‘Unborn’ introduces us to Rachel and her wife, Amber, who is finally able to get pregnant after repeated attempts. At first, the pregnancy seems like an answer to their prayers, but strange things happen to those that get close to Rachel.

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What’s increasingly disturbing is Rachel is soon visited by the spirit of her dead mother, who warns her that someone is “going to take the baby.”

As the bizarre incidents surrounding her pregnancy continue to happen, Rachel begins to question if the child growing inside her is something supernatural. After all, just listening to the sound of its heartbeat is enough to drive someone to kill.

As Rachel begins to look into the potential biblical figure responsible, she falls into a rabbit hole that digs up secrets from her mother’s past, secrets that now appear to be haunting her. Secrets lead Rachel to a cult devoted to following the demonic force inside her.

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Finding herself as the wittingly surrogate for a figure of biblical lore, Rachel must now contend with the group of followers, who are hell-bent on bringing this child into the world.

Can Rachel survive this ordeal and destroy the thing inside her before it’s delivered into our world, or will she find herself unable to kill her unborn child, despite knowing its purpose is only to bring about destruction?

Can a mother’s love overcome evil, or will the devil have his day?

‘Unborn’ takes a concept previously seen in other films like ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ or ‘The Omen’, but puts a different spin on it. Rather than telling us another story specifically about the spawn of Satan, ‘Unborn’ focuses on a lesser-known entity in the bible. An individual who was once human but became something out of our nightmares after defying God. The focus on this obscure individual makes ‘Unborn’ worth checking out.

This previously uncharted territory allows the filmmaker the freedom to take liberties with the subject material and will enable them to take this individual only briefly mentioned in scripture and build lore around them.

At its core, ‘Unborn’ is what happens when you come in contact with true evil. Will you have the power to overcome it, or will you submit and succumb to its temptation.

‘Unborn’ premieres on Tubi this Friday, January 28th, you can view the trailer below.

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‘Unborn’ stars Jade Harlow as Rachel, Ella Thomas as Amber, Roslyn Gentle as Sarah, Kevin McCorkle as John Fletcher Jr, Alexander Cortes as Dr. Simmons, Javier Calderon as Detective Peters, Rich Ting as Detective Kwan, Stephan Smith Collins as Dr. Fern, Gigi Bermingham as Madame Rose, J. Claude Deering as Rick, Andray Johnson as Guy, Shelley Robertson as Marie, and David Preston as Detective Rogers.

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