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The World’s First Re-Animated Series: ‘Deadsville Rock N Roll Mysteries’

Move over, Mystery Inc., and prepare yourself for the newest gang in town, Dickie Devil and The Deviants, as they star in the world’s first re-animated horror punk sitcom, ‘Deadsville Rock N Roll Mysteries.’

Born from the creative mind of Ronin James and written by Mark Mackner (Daisy Derkins Trilogy), the series follows real-life rock and rollers Dickie Devil and The Deviants as they chase the supernatural and solve mysteries with the help of the Deadsville gang and their demonic mascot/tour manager, Doggie Deviant, who is modeled after the Egyptian god Anubis.

In their first cadaver-filled caper, Satan’s undead punk band must save Deadsville High Fearleaders, Steph Infection and Rachel Rabid, from the unknown phantom that’s roaming the halls of Deadsville High.

Along with the appearance of real-life rock band Dickie Devil and The Deviants, the episode also features a special guest appearance by Leatherface himself, Andrew Bryniarski, who portrayed the character of Leatherface in 2003’s reboot of ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.’ Bryniarski lends his voice to the gang’s canine companion.

Watch the series that some guy on the internet claims is “like Scooby-Doo meets the Ramones.”

If this doesn’t sound entertaining enough, the team behind ‘Deadsville Rock N Roll Mysteries’ has a follow-up treat for you.

With every horror franchise falling prey to the reboot treatment these days, the folks at Deadsville Productions thought they would follow the trend and hilariously reboot the series after only one episode.

This means that the next episode of ‘Deadsville Rock N Roll Mysteries’ will be a retelling of their first episode, but with a brand-new ensemble cast of characters. This decision will see members of the band, as well as the chainsaw-wielding killer as the voice of Doggie Deviant, recast in this next episode.

But don’t worry, because ‘Deadsville Rock N Roll Mysteries’ just got an upgrade.

In the place of Bryniarski will now be none other than Kane Hodder. That’s right, voicing the character will now be Jason Voorhees, who will be sticking around for the next three episodes.

And speaking of the next three episodes, ‘Horror Facts’ decided to travel to the underworld to speak with Anubis, the god of death himself, where he graciously provided us with an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming episodes of ‘Deadsville Rock N Roll Mysteries.’

The next episode will, of course, be the planned reboot, which promises to follow along the same story as the original episode.

The next episode, titled The Luchador’s Ghost, will focus on the Fearleaders as they pose as a hot new female tag team who, along with Dickie and Doggie as their managers, must investigate a mystery and stop a murder at a pro wrestling event!

And, if giving the series a reboot after the first episode doesn’t tell you that Ronin and the team over at Deadsville Productions have their fingers on the undead pulse of horror, then this next episode will surely prove they know horror.

The third episode, titled Deviants in Space, will see Dickie, Doggie, and the gang travel to space, like any good 80s/90s horror franchise.

Along with Hodder, the recurring ‘Deadsville Rock N Roll Mysteries’ cast also includes Rochelle Davis (The Crow); stunt actor Les Price (Netflix Army of the Dead); and, of course, Dickie Devil, whose secret identity is a stuntman/actor with over 100 credits to his name (Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2/Gotham/HBO’s Vinyl).

The series will also boast several special celebrity guest cameos from a variety of genres, including the worlds of horror, music, and wrestling!

Make sure you check out the first episode of ‘Deadsville Rock N Roll Mysteries’ along with all of Deadsville TV’s original content on YouTube now.

Deadsville Productions is the filmmaking division of the company Horror Punks USA. Horror Punks USA is a music and event promotions company founded/owned by Ronin James and co-owned by Stephanie Jones and Joseph Bonacia. Producers include Ronin James, Stephanie Jones, Joseph Bonacia, David Heitur, Chris Dyer, and Kane Hodder. All aspects of production take place in-house at Astromonster Studios in an indie/DIY environment.