The Sleep Experiment Movie Cover

‘The Sleep Experiment’ Captures Claustrophobia and Cruelty

John Farrelly’s The Sleep Experiment will make its premiere via video on demand in the North American market, according to Red Water Entertainment. The Irish psychological thriller will be accessible on a number of digital and cable platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, iNDemand and DISH, starting November 1st.

The Sleep Experiment is the debut feature film from writer and director John Farrelly, who was recently recognized as Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year 2018 for his previous work on the short film Choice. Rob James Capel, Will Murphy, Tom Kerrisk, and Barry John Kinsella are the actors that star in this movie. Will Murphy also has a role. The Sleep Experiment is a psychological thriller that was inspired by true occurrences and shows the horrors of what humans are capable of doing when they are pushed to their absolute limits.

An inquiry into the ethical considerations involved in the highly classified research facility known as Porton Down is opened by two detectives. One experiment in particular, known as “The Sleep Experiment,” stood out to them as being the most horrifying experiment. This experiment was a scientific study that was conducted during the Cold War. The experiment involved putting five criminals who were considered to be enemies of the state inside of a room that was walled off and filled with gas. A stimulant that was dispersed into the air was continuously given to the individuals so that they would remain awake for a period of one month. The convicts were led to believe, by deception, that if they participated fully in the experiment, they would be released from their incarceration.

Check out the Sleep Experiment on November 1st, across a vast array of streaming platforms.