The Purge Part 6 Script Is Ready!

The production of the sixth film in the Purge franchise may have already begun, as evidenced by a recent interview with returning performer Frank Grillo that was conducted by Empire. The Forever Purge is a horror movie that came out in 2017 and was released throughout the summer. The film’s claimed objective was to be the final installment in the Purge film series.

Grillo has announced that the screenplay for The Purge Part 6 has been written and that he will be acting in the film. Grillo played Leo Barnes in both The Purge: Anarchy and The Purge: Election Year. Additionally, Grillo announced that he will be playing Leo Barnes in the sixth installment of The Purge. Grillo has promised his involvement in the film at some point. Grillo played the role of Leo Barnes, a fictitious character, in all three movies. As an added bonus, he revealed that he will have a role in the film and that this would be his last appearance in the franchise.

Grillo stated that all efforts are being made with Universal Pictures to develop the sixth feature film, and that series creator and screenwriter James DeMonaco is in negotiations to helm the project. Grillo also stated that the film will be based on the original comic book series. Grillo said that work on the pre-production had already started. And now, according to Grillo, James DeMonaco is apparently in discussions to helm the sixth film in the series. In addition, according to Grillo, James DeMonaco is now in talks to helm the sixth chapter of the series. Grillo is the one who made this assertion. On the other hand, the release of The Purge Part 6 does not yet have either a schedule or a date associated with it at this time. The responses to these questions have not been made public.

“We’re committed to doing The Purge 6”

“I’m excited. I love doing the Purge movies.”

[DeMonaco] “has the script.  It focuses on the Leo Barnes character, and he wants to direct it. We’re working with Universal to see if we can pull this off before I’m in the old folks’ home.”


The tone of this conversation makes it sound as though there will be a new movie installment of The Purge released at some point in the not too distant future. Who can say when it will actually take place? Stay up to date on the most latest and ground-breaking facts on The Purge by checking back frequently with Horror Facts.