The Munsters Rob Zombie Remake

As you may know by now Rob Zombie is recreating ‘The Munsters’ and Horror Facts is your go-to source for all things Munster related.

Rob Zombies ‘Munsters’ Film Will Be PG

The Munsters Electric Chair

We have known for a while now that Rob Zombie has been developing a film version of ‘The Munsters’, but what we didn’t know was what his version of the family-friendly sitcom would look like. Zombie, who is known for making movies that are often dirty, violent, and quite gory,…


Rob Zombie plans to reimagine the Munsters in his own unique way. The filmmaker/musician has shared a very striking photo of a new cast member as a preview of his upcoming remake of the horror sitcom The Munsters. Igor is described in the photo as a loyal servant to the…