Scream VI Now Streaming on Paramount+ in 4K

The latest installment in the Scream slasher franchise, Scream VI, is now streaming on Paramount+ and other platforms. After debuting in theaters, viewers can now experience all the thrills and chills of Scream VI through Paramount+, which offers thousands of movies and TV shows in stunning 4K resolution.

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But horror fans, if you really want the ultimate Scream streaming experience in surreal 4K quality, subscribe to Paramount+ now. Starting at just $9.99/month, Paramount+ puts thousands of hours of thrilling movies and TV, including the entire Scream franchise, right at your bloody fingertips. Why stop at just Scream VI when you could marathon Ghostface’s gory rampage in crystal-clear 4K?

A Streaming Paradise for Scary Movie Lovers

Paramount+ is any scary movie lover’s streaming paradise—and once you start streaming in vivid 4K, you’ll never stop screaming! In addition to Scream and a mountain of other horror classics in hair-raising 4K, Paramount+ offers must-watch original shows like The Good Fight and Star Trek: Picard. What more could any entertainment fan ask for?

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Still need convincing? Start your free trial today. We dare you: watch Scream VI in surreal 4K and try to turn away—if you can. Once Ghostface hunts in hyper-realistic 4K, there’s no escape! A gruesome 24 hours of commercial-free horror in stunning 4K await, all for just $9.99/month. The call is coming from inside Paramount+—in magnificent 4K, will you watch before this killer deal ends?

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Press play on Paramount+ now, entertainment junkies—your 4K destiny awaits for under $10/month! Ghostface knows you can’t resist revisiting his sharpest outing. When 4K fear and savings strike, pick up the remote and subscribe. At just $9.99/month after a free trial, you’ve got nothing left to lose—except maybe your life in terrifying 4K! Answer the call and let the streaming begin in spectacular 4K resolution. See you on the other side…if you survive a fright-filled first month!