Ruby Being Patched in to Evil Dead: The Game

It has been announced that the next downloadable content pack for Evil Dead: The Game will feature even more references to the “Ash vs. Evil Dead” franchise, which has already been heavily connected in the game. In addition to the new Pablo design, the downloadable content that will be released next month will also include Ruby Knowby as a playable character! The player will be able to assume control of the character Ruby Knowby and will be able to make use of her unique abilities in order to progress through the game.

Lucy Lawless portrayed the antagonist Ruby Knowby throughout all seasons of the Starz television series “Ash vs. Evil Dead.” Ruby Knowby is one of the Dark Ones and the author of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. Ruby was a tough foe for Ash, as well as a woman who was more than capable of holding her own in the traditionally masculine environment of the Evil Dead franchise.

Ruby will be a survivor that may be controlled by the player in the game. The group gives a preview in which they say, “A former Dark One herself, she is a natural leader who can still use her wicked talents to absorb the souls of her foes in order to reap special benefits.” Despite her history, Ruby has no ill will toward others.

The downloadable content patch titled “Ash vs. Evil Dead” will be made publicly available on February 2, 2023!

Evil Dead: The Game, a co-production between Boss Team Games and Saber Interactive The game includes both single-player and cooperative modes of play, and it promises to be the definitive Evil Dead experience available in the world of video games. At its debut, the game will allow players to take control of a number of characters from the films and television series, as well as four distinct incarnations of the horror hero Ash Williams, who fights off Deadites. Players have the option of taking on the role of Ash in any one of his four incarnations: classic Ash, medieval Ash, S-Mart Ash, or Army of Darkness Ash. Each version of Ash has its own set of distinguishing characteristics and skills. The game also includes a diverse assortment of foes, such as Deadites, Possessed Deadites, Kandarian Demon Spawn, and a variety of other supernatural beings.