Redbox Original Films

Free Horror Titles On Redbox In September

The nights grow longer and a chill fills the air as fall approaches. This September, Redbox delivers a frightening selection of new horror films now available to stream for free. Maniacal laughter echoes against blood-curdling screams in this frightening lineup, where unspeakable terrors lurk in the shadows. So gather around …

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House on Haunted Hill (1999) Artwork from Horror Facts

House on Haunted Hill (1999): A Textbook Case of Remake Failure

While horror remakes proved mostly creatively bankrupt amidst the 1990s glut, perhaps none fumbled as completely as the 1999 revamp of William Castle’s 1959 classic House on Haunted Hill. Geoffrey Rush gamely attempts to fill Vincent Price’s polished loafers, but lacks the necessary charisma in this abysmal update that scarcely …

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Crackle free movies streaming including horror films

Free Horror Titles On Crackle In September

A sinister selection of spine-tingling frights awaits on Crackle this September. Face your fears, if you must, but beware the unholy terror that awaits in…The Exorcist III, as a police lieutenant’s investigation of a series of gruesome murders, leads him down a dark and twisted path. If a haunted home …

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Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger’s Fiendish Journey from Killer Concept to Horror Icon

Among horror’s rogues gallery of slasher killers, few rival Freddy Krueger for sheer icon status. His anarchic spirit, darkly comedic menace, and supernaturally-charged murders have haunted audiences for decades. But a memorable movie monster requires creative alchemy. For Freddy, a killer concept aligned with clever writing and an indelible performance …

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Stream Horror Movies with Tubi for Free

Tubi’s September Lineup & Releases

Get ready for an exciting wave of new original films premiering on Tubi this September. From psychological thrillers to celebrity-fueled documentaries, this month’s premieres are not to be missed. These original movies offer a taste of the gripping options coming to Tubi this month. For heart-pounding suspense, don’t miss “Twisted …

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Patel-Gallagher Dissects Her Horror Hit Holistay

The recent horror film Holistay put a supernatural spin on the trend of AirBnB-themed thrillers. Written and directed by Mary Patel-Gallagher, it follows two couples whose weekend getaway goes awry when they double-book a rental. After initial tension, they agree to share the house, only to encounter sinister forces. Holistay …

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Fallout TV series at Gamescom

Get ready ghouls and gals, because I’ve got some positively radioactive news about the upcoming Fallout TV series! This Mistress of the Wasteland just viewed a teaser that will send your Pip-Boy into overdrive. So strap on your power armor and hold onto your Nuka-Colas, kiddos – it’s time to …

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Arrow Video Announces Eclectic September Lineup of Cult Favorites

Horror streaming service Arrow Video has revealed its diverse slate of retro cinema coming to the platform in September. The upcoming monthly lineup showcases Arrow’s signature taste for both cult classics and obscure genre gems. Kicking off September is “Dan Martin Selects,” curated by the special effects master behind films …

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Necrometer App Takes Ghost Hunting to the Next Level

Paranormal researchers and ghost hunting teams now have an exciting new tool in their arsenal with the arrival of the multipurpose Necrometer app. This spirit communication and detection app leverages technology to facilitate contacting spirits in innovative new ways. Designed by a team of developers and paranormal specialists who have …

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