Paracinema Film Festival Returns to QUAD for Cult Cinema Celebration


The Paracinema Film Festival, Derby’s celebration of cult, horror, and genre cinema outside the mainstream, is returning to QUAD for the May bank holiday weekend from May 3rd through the 6th. Supported by the BFI with funds from the National Lottery, the festival offers movie fans a unique opportunity to experience offbeat and unconventional films on the big screen. Paracinema has developed a devoted following by showcasing an eclectic lineup of features, shorts, and classics … Read The Full Article

Harness the Power of the Thinning Veil: Expert Tips from Renowned Exorcist Rachel Stavis

As we approach National Paranormal Day on May 3rd, renowned exorcist and author Rachel Stavis is sharing her top tips for making the most of this year’s spring-thinning veil. For those unfamiliar, the thinning veil is a yearly occurrence that takes place from April 25th through May 15th. During this time, the barrier between the physical and spiritual worlds becomes more porous, allowing for increased communication with the other side, as well as the potential … Read The Full Article

An Army of Iconic Horror Sequels Invades Popcornflix This May

Just when you thought it was safe to hit play, Popcornflix unleashes a horde of chilling horror sequels guaranteed to make you think twice about watching alone. From iconic franchises like The Exorcist and Godzilla to cult classics like Slumber Party Massacre and An American Werewolf, this month’s free streaming lineup delivers a wicked dose of follow-up frights. Prepare to be reacquainted with murderous prom queens, rampaging rodent armies, and extraterrestrial invasions that make the … Read The Full Article

Lock Your Doors! Redbox’s Scary Movie Invasion Begins in May

Redbox Movie Streaming Platform

As the last chills of spring give way to summer’s warmth, Redbox is giving horror fans one final screaming sendoff for the season. This May, the rental kiosk giant is unleashing a torrent of terrifying free titles that are sure to leave even the most seasoned fright fanatics shivering under their covers. From supernatural shockers to slasher frenzies, psychological mind-benders to demonic possession flicks, Redbox’s May lineup covers the full gamut of horror’s darkest corners. … Read The Full Article

Screams for Free: Crackle’s Terrifying May 2024 Titles

Crackle Free Streaming Movies and TV Shows

Brace yourselves, horror fans! Crackle is unleashing a terrifying lineup of spine-chilling movies this May 2024 that will have you cowering under the covers. From haunted film studios and rabid bat attacks to sinister small towns and flesh-eating families, this free streaming service is pulling out all the stops to deliver a truly frightening experience. Get ready to be spooked by the likes of Billy Zane in Ghost of Goodnight Lane, a tale of an … Read The Full Article

Sting (2024) Movie Review

Sting Movie Poster

Arachnids tend to get an unfairly bad reputation in pop culture as mindless, venomous monsters. The new horror film “Sting” does little to dispel that notion, taking the straightforward premise of a flesh-eating space spider to some cringeworthy extremes. While it has some admirable elements, the movie ultimately feels like a missed opportunity to explore deeper themes or create a truly memorable creature feature. The story follows 12-year-old Charlotte, who discovers a mysterious spider that … Read The Full Article

Beyond the Scream: Melissa Barrera’s Scary Movie 6

In a shocking turn of events, Melissa Barrera, the talented actress who brought Samantha Carpenter to life in the 2022 Scream film and its sequel Scream VI, has set her sights on a new horizon: Scary Movie 6. The unexpected twist comes on the heels of her departure from the Scream franchise, following controversy surrounding her comments on the Israel-Hamas war. As the curtain fell on her Scream VII stint, Barrera has made a bold … Read The Full Article

Jaws Vs Jurassic Park, Which Is Truly Horror?

Jaws Vs Jurassic Park

A great white that focuses on nothing except consumption, it’s waiting for someone to go into the ocean. Predatory dinosaurs, they yearn for the opportunity to rip their prey apart. Being in either of these scenarios would not be ideal. However, I would argue only one of them can truly be called horror. Spoilers ahead, although, what the hell are you doing if you haven’t seen Jaws or Jurassic Park yet? I thought comparing the … Read The Full Article

The 4K Restorations of Dead Alive, Bad Taste, and Meet the Feebles

Dead Alive - Brain Dead

I’m absolutely thrilled to hear the news that one of Peter Jackson’s early horror masterpieces, Dead Alive, is reportedly getting the 4K UHD treatment in 2024! As a lifelong fan of Jackson’s unique cinematic vision, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day when this delightfully gory cult classic would receive the restoration it deserves. But the excitement doesn’t stop there – it seems Dead Alive will be joined by two other seminal entries in Jackson’s filmography, … Read The Full Article

Undead Dread Hits the Switch – UNDYING Shambles to Nintendo on July 25

Undying Video Game

Brace yourselves, Switch owners – the apocalyptic zombie nightmare UNDYING is finally digging its claws into Nintendo’s hybrid console on July 25th. Developed by the macabre minds at Vanimals, this harrowing survival experience will test your nerves and morality like few games before it. In UNDYING, you play as Anling, a mother battling not just the relentless undead horde, but her own horrifying infection. Newly turned, her days are numbered as the zombie virus courses … Read The Full Article

“Blair Witch” Originals Unite for Fairness: Cast Demands Residuals and Creative Control

Blair Witch

Twenty-five years after the game-changing release of “The Blair Witch Project,” the original cast members are banding together to demand fair treatment from Lionsgate, the studio that acquired the film’s rights two decades ago. Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, and Michael Williams are speaking out against what they claim is disrespect and unfair profiteering by the studio, and are taking a stand to fight for their rights. In a joint statement, the trio is requesting that … Read The Full Article


Tubi Logo

Tubi is set to captivate audiences this May with a diverse array of original films designed to burrow under your skin. From a young woman’s descent into a chilling psychological abyss to a deadly influencer scandal that pulls back the curtain on the sinister side of social media, as well as a riveting true crime documentary that revisits one of the most infamous legal cases in American history, Tubi has curated an insidious array of … Read The Full Article

Breaking the Cycle: Lessons from Jack Torrance on Quitting Your Vices

Horror Feed

Addictions have a way of sinking their claws deep into our psyches, holding us captive in a cycle of craving and guilt. Whether it’s the ever-present temptation of a lit cigarette or the siren call of alcohol, these vices can wield a powerful grip, much like the malevolent forces that plagued Jack Torrance in Stanley Kubrick’s chilling masterpiece, The Shining. As we follow Jack’s descent into madness, fueled by his struggles with alcoholism, we bear … Read The Full Article

Ready or Not Sequel Promises to Be an “Absolute F—ing Banger” If It Gets Made

The delightfully deranged 2019 horror comedy Ready or Not may have only scratched the surface of its twisted universe. Fans of the hit film have been eagerly awaiting news of a sequel, and it seems their prayers may soon be answered. According to the original film’s directors, Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, known as Radio Silence, the script for a follow-up is nothing short of an “absolute f—ing banger.” Radio Silence, comprised of directors Tyler … Read The Full Article


The Overlook Film Festival 2024

The Overlook Film Festival, America’s premier celebration of all things horror, just wrapped up its biggest and most successful edition yet in New Orleans from April 4-7, 2024. The 8th annual festival shattered previous attendance records, welcoming 90 filmmaker guests and around 6,000 attendees for 36 sold-out screenings of the latest and greatest in horror cinema. As the festival drew to a close, the highly-coveted audience and juried awards were announced, honoring innovative new voices … Read The Full Article

Chilling New Thriller “Speak No Evil” Arrives in Theaters This September


From the producer of hit horror films like Get Out and The Purge comes a new intense psychological thriller from Blumhouse Productions that looks primed to be one of the most disturbing cinematic experiences of the year. Speak No Evil stars James McAvoy as a charming but sinister British estate owner who lures an unsuspecting American family into what they initially believe to be the vacation of their dreams. The film follows Ben and Louise … Read The Full Article

Tubi Expands its Canadian Content Library with Over 200 New Movies from Major Studios

Tubi Logo

In a move to bolster its video-on-demand offerings for Canadian viewers, Tubi, the free ad-supported streaming service owned by Fox Corporation, has announced the addition of over 200 new movies to its expansive library. This substantial content expansion comes through newly executed licensing deals with global entertainment powerhouses NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Discovery. The influx of new titles spans a diverse range of genres and fan-favorite franchises, providing Tubi’s Canadian audience with … Read The Full Article

Tubi Exposes the Scariest Places in the World

We all have them – whispers of places so haunted, so tainted by tragedy, that they burrow deep into our darkest nightmares. In the Tubi original documentary Scariest Places in the World, a panel of paranormal investigators, folklore experts, podcasters, and paranormal tour guides rank the top 10 most terrifying sites the planet has to offer. Could the scariest place be the foreboding Bran Castle in Transylvania? – The birthplace of Dracula. What makes this … Read The Full Article