Music Kills in The Tubi Original Requiem For A Scream

In the brand new Tubi Original film Requiem for a Scream, human suffering is music to your ears.  Requiem for a Scream follows the story of Artemis as she heads up to her family’s lake house to throw a party to celebrate her sister’s life and spread her sister’s ashes in their final …

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Halloween Ends the final scene

Halloween Ends Has Various Final Scenes

It has been brought to our attention that the impending box office smash Halloween Ends contains a number of potential ending scenes, but the director has not yet decided which one will be included in the completed version of the highly anticipated horror movie. Regarding the climactic conclusion, filmmaker David …

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Check Out the Gore of ‘Pussy Cake’.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Wouldn’t it be crazy if someone combined elements from Predator, Alien, Men in Black, Puppet Masters, and Night of the Creeps with any zombie film ever made?”  Well then, Pussy Cake is the movie for you. Pussy Cake follows an all-girl rock band of …

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Halloween Ends Peacock

Halloween Ends Will Stream on Peacock

The much-anticipated concluding instalment of the venerable Halloween horror saga, Halloween Ends, will finally arrive in movie theatres and in the convenience of your own homes on October 14. Universal Pictures announced on Tuesday that the final instalment in the Jamie Lee Curtis–fronted horror trilogy will premiere on Peacock on …

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