Thankskilling 1 and 3 Two Thanksgiving Horror Movies


There is no ThanksKilling 2 ThanksKilling is a 2007 American horror comedy film directed and written by Jordan Downey, and co-written by Brad Schulz, Tony Wilson, Grant Yaffee, and Kevin Stewart. The film was followed by a sequel in 2012 called ThanksKilling 3 During Thanksgiving break, a homicidal turkey attacks college students. FACT In a public park, Wanda Lust was filmed without a permit for the infamous opening scene. Turkie the fowlmouthed villain battles rapping grandmothers, …

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Celebrate Thanksgiving with ‘Blood Rage’

Blood Rage Poster

This Thanksgiving, after you have had your fill of turkey and stuffing, the whole family can gather into the living room and give thanks that you are about to watch the 1987 Thanksgiving Day slasher film ‘Blood Rage’ and determine once and for all if its cranberry sauce.  ‘Blood Rage’ tells the story of Todd and his identical twin brother Terry, who murders a teenager with a hatchet while attending a drive-in movie theatre one …

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‘Black Friday’ Should you watch the New Bruce Campbell movie? [Review]

In Casey Tebo’s new horror-comedy about consumerism, he explores the true terrors of consumer society. ‘Black Friday’ reunites horror icons Devon Sawa and Bruce Campbell. Those who see this movie will always see George A. Romero’s classic “Dawn of the Dead” as a metaphor for mindless shoppers. Unfortunately, while it’s an easy watch during a B-movie marathon, you’ll probably forget it by the next day. It never had memorable moments. As Thanksgiving night approaches, a …

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RED SNOW, a Holiday Horror With Vampires, Arrives On VOD, Digital And DVD December 28, 2021

Red Snow

The official poster, trailer, and release date for 4Digital Media’s vampiric acquisition RED SNOW have been released. Be sure to watch the trailer below and, for the romantic types, add the film to your holiday must-see list. Olivia Romo hides a handsome vampire in her garage to protect him from a vampire hunter after an injured bat transforms into a vampire. She feeds him animal blood in hopes of gaining his affection, but the chances …

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Check out the mask created by Tom Savini for ‘The Black Phone’

There has been lots of hype surrounding ‘The Black Phone’ in the past few weeks and it keeps getting better. In an interview with Empire Magazine the world was given a first hand look at the amazing new mask created by the legend himself Tom Savini (image below). Ethan Hawke is going to star as “The Grabber,” a sadistic killer in the upcoming film The Black Phone. Tom Savini and Jason Baker designed the sinister …

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‘Jurassic World Dominion’ – Watch the first 5 minutes now

Jurassic World Dominion

Watch the first five minutes of this blockbuster, “It all started here,” from this new Jurassic World installment. We have the link below so you don’t have to find it for yourself. Universal Pictures today posted the prologue to the long-awaited sequel. The clip is filled with dinosaurs, but for plot details, you will need to wait. The story for this spin-off has not been revealed, but Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern, and Sam Neill are …

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Bruce Campbell says Evil Dead Rise is dark, serious, and excruciating

Evil Dead Rise

Filming on Lee Cronin’s addition to the Evil Dead franchise, Evil Dead Rise, was completed last month, he announced on social media. A rough cut of Evil Dead Rise has already been completed, according to executive producer Bruce Campbell in an interview published on Campbell responded to the question about how this Evil Dead film will differ from the ones that have come before, Sam Raimi selected Cronin to write and direct his second …

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Scouts Guide Actor Joey Morgan Passes Away

Joey Morgan, star of ‘Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse,’ has passed away at the age of 28. A representative commenting on behalf of the star’s friends and family released the following statement to The Hollywood Reporter concerning Morgan’s recent passing: “Joey Morgan passed away early Sunday morning.  It was a shock and devastated all of us who loved him. He will be dearly missed. We hope everyone understands how painful this is for his …

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Movie trailer for Mother/Android with Chloe Grace Moretz


On Friday, December 17th, Hulu will release the sci-fi thriller Mother/Android as an Original Film on its streaming service – and just four weeks until that date, a new trailer has been released! She embarks on a treacherous journey with her boyfriend, Sam, to escape their country, which is caught up in an unexpected war with artificial intelligence. A day or two before having their first child, the couple faces No Man’s Land – a …

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Cosmic Dawn

The 2021 sci-fi thriller Cosmic Dawn revolves around a young woman who joins a UFO cult after her mother appears to have been abducted by aliens. She’s been told she’s crazy for most of her life after witnessing an alien abduction as a child. Then, while still a young woman, Aurora discovers a book written by the leader of The Cosmic Dawn and joins the group. Aurora experiences a plethora of miracles during her stay …

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