New Deadsville Rock N Roll Mysteries Episode Teaser

Following the release of their original pilot episode of Deadsville Rock N Roll Mysteries back in May of 2022, the folks at Deadsville Productions announced that the horror comedy series was going to be getting the reboot treatment, with the follow-up episode being a retelling of their first episode, but with a brand-new ensemble cast of characters.

Well, the wait is over! Get ready for some shenanigans as Deadsville Productions has officially released their first teaser trailer for the rebooted pilot of Deadsville Rock N Roll Mysteries, starring the brand-new line-up of real-life rock and rollers, Dickie Devil and The Deviants, along with Hollywood horror legend Kane Hodder as the new voice of Doggie Deviant.

Born from the creative mind of Ronin James and written by Mark Mackner (Daisy Derkins trilogy), the series follows real-life rock and rollers, Dickie Devil and The Deviants, as they chase the supernatural and solve mysteries with the help of the Deadsville gang and their demonic mascot/tour manager, Doggie Deviant, who is modeled after the Egyptian god Anubis.

In the series’ original cadaver-filled caper, Dickie Devil and the Deviants saved Deadsville High Fearleaders from an unknown phantom that was roaming the halls of Deadsville High.

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The newly released trailer shows that Dickie Devil and his brand-new line-up of Deviants must once again save the Deadsville High Fearleaders from that pesky phantom. But not without some self-aware humor added into the mix, with Dickie himself proclaiming that something about this feels “oddly familiar.”

Make sure you check out the new teaser for Deadsville Rock N Roll Mysteries, filled with two minutes of cartoon camp and one-liners that only Satan’s undead punk band can deliver. Along with showcasing the band’s hijinks, the new teaser also provides us with our first look at Kane Hodder voicing Doggie and sets the tone for the Adult Swim style shenanigans to come.

Following the release of this new, rebooted pilot episode, the next episode was originally intended to be “The Luchador’s Ghost” which was reportedly going to focus on the Fearleaders as they posed as a hot new female tag team who, along with Dickie and Doggie as their managers, were going to investigate a mystery and stop a murder at a pro wrestling event.

We have learned that this plan has been changed, with the second episode of Deadsville Rock N Roll Mysteries now being titled “Murder at the Movie Premiere” and will instead take place at the Deadsville Theatre where Dickie and the gang must solve a murder.

This second episode is currently in pre-production and will co-star legendary Hollywood scream queen Linnea Quigley.

The third episode is still reported to be titled “Deviants in Space” and will see Dickie and his gang of Deviants reluctantly join a group of billionaires for a trip to the stars. This third episode will star the one and only Hollywood horror legend Bill Moseley.

The fourth episode is now set to become the wrestling episode. Details are unknown at this time and we don’t know if the plot of this episode is set to remain the same or if the new episode will revolve around a new story. There is no official celebrity cameo attached to the episode at this time, but you can be assured that Deadsville Productions are working on securing another big name in the horror industry.

While you wait for the rebooted pilot of Deadsville Rock N Roll Mysteries to be released, make sure to check out the original episode along with the band’s latest music videos, including “The Undead Wanna Rock n Roll”, which we covered here on Horror Facts.

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