Murdercise Movie Set to Premiere July 8th in Modesto

The highly anticipated indie horror-comedy film Murdercise will have its world premiere on July 8th, 2023 at The State Theater in Modesto, California, according to directors Paul Ragsdale and Angelica De Alba.

Murdercise follows the story of Phoebe, a fitness enthusiast and Ronald Reagan fan portrayed by Kansas Bowling, who clashes with Candy, a b-movie actress played by Jessa Flux, on the set of a low-budget workout video,” said Ragsdale and De Alba. “After being pushed to her breaking point by Candy and the eccentric cast and crew, Phoebe meets Isabella, a mafia princess played by Nina Lanee Kent, who teaches her to fight back. What starts as an night of aerobics, sex, and drugs descends into a battle between life and death.”

The directors described the film as “competition turns to murder, when a Ronald Reagan loving, fitness nerd, Phoebe (Kansas Bowling), clashes with the b-movie bimbo cover girl, Candy (Jessa Flux), on the set of a low budget workout video. After being pushed over the edge by Candy and a cast of perverts, strippers and communists, Phoebe meets Isabella (Nina Lanee Kent), a mafia princess wild child who teaches Phoebe how to fight back!”

Murdercise was filmed entirely in Modesto, California and produced through Ragsdale and De Alba’s independent production company. The premiere event and film release details will be announced on the movie’s official social media channels, including:

•Facebook: @MurderciseTheMovie
•Instagram: @murdercisethemovie
•Twitter: @MurderciseMovie