“Last Night” Short by Stained Glass and Blood Bath Productions

Independent horror is a real thing. There are only a few major studios that release horror produced by independent filmmakers, but the smaller indie market has been growing in recent years. These short films have been gaining popularity because of their refreshing creativity and unique perspectives on the genre.

A number of film festivals are going to be taking place this year, and “Last Night,” an indie short horror film starring Sheri Lee, Katie Killourhy, Erica Stockwell, Teddy Prior, Chad Williams, Marco Aguirre. The will soon be one of the films that may be viewed at those festivals. The narrative of the film centers on three close friends who are planning a bachelorette party for one of their own. The festivities are cut short when a band of vampires crashes the party and begins sucking the blood from the party girls.

The short film has a total running time of seven minutes and provides a sneak peek of what George James Fraser, the film’s writer and director, undoubtedly hopes to expand into a full-length horror movie if given the chance.

“Last Night” is a sex-driven vampire bloodbath that has the ability to appeal to those individuals who are aficionados of the genre.

The movie is clearly pushed on a low budget, as the entire film is shot in only one location. In spite of this, the director makes use of everything that is available to him, concentrating on the cinematography (provided by Mike OD) as well as the intense scenes in order to convey the fear to the film.

The movie is pretty good for what it is, which is an independent short, and it ought to be appealing to those who have the opportunity to watch it while it is making the rounds at film festivals.

Indie film makers are often thought of as “a dime a dozen”. There are many of them that compete to get the best shot at success. There is, however, no consistent funding system for these filmmakers. It can be difficult to find backers and supporters for these projects. The lack of proper resources has made it hard for indie filmmakers to make their dreams come true.

A limited budget short film is an ideal and often favorite form for aspiring filmmakers. These films can be shot on a small budget, which means that the director has to be creative and think outside the box to come up with unique ways to shoot them. Filming a short film can be more difficult than one might think, especially when you are working with a small budget.

If you have the opportunity to back independent horror films, you should take advantage of it and attend festivals if they are held in your region. This will go a long way, and the filmmakers who will be responsible for the horror films of the future will be grateful for your support as they work their way up through the ranks of the horror film chain.