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Jethica New Horror Comedy at SXSW View Clip Here

Jethica SXSW

JETHICA, a supernatural dark comedy unlike anything you’ve ever seen, was shot in New Mexico in January 2021, in the thick of the epidemic, and will have its global debut at SXSW’s Visions section. JETHICA deftly combines and bends genres, succeeding as both a cutting comedy and a terrifying stalker thriller with an undead edge.

Check out the clip below.

YouTube video

Everyone’s life has been made more difficult by the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic. Despite the fact that filmmakers have had to substantially alter their production methods to safeguard the safety of their cast and crew, we’ve seen a plethora of pandemic-themed films in recent years. Pete Ohs (Everything is Beautiful Far Away) has already demonstrated that he is more than capable of directing a film with such a large scope in the face of a worldwide disaster. He not only directed, but also served as the crew for his new horror comedy Jethica, including editing and cinematography, as well as collaborating with the cast on the smart writing.

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