Horror on Crackle in July

As the scorching July sun beats down, Crackle invites viewers to escape the sweltering heat by diving into the refreshingly eerie world of horror. While others seek refuge in cool waters, horror enthusiasts can cool off in the icy grip of terror that awaits them on the streaming platform.

Crackle’s July lineup is a testament to the fact that fear knows no season. As fireworks light up the sky, these horror gems will ignite your imagination and keep your pulse racing long after the last ember fades. Whether you’re seeking a break from the summer frenzy or simply indulging your taste for terror, Crackle’s free offerings are primed to deliver thrills that will linger long after the credits roll.

While others chase the sun, Crackle invites you to embrace the shadows this July. With a diverse array of horror titles spanning various subgenres, there’s something to satisfy every fear fanatic. From psychological thrillers to supernatural shockers, Crackle’s curated selection promises to make this summer unforgettable for all the right reasons. So, draw the blinds, settle in, and discover why this July, the most captivating summer experiences await in Crackle’s world of horror cinema.

Maniac Cop 2
The undead killer cop returns in this gory sequel, which sees maniac Officer Cordell team up with a serial killer to hunt down the criminals who murdered him.

Cast: Robert Davi (Die Hard), Claudia Christian (Babylon 5), Michael Lerner (Elf)

Five American college students experience a particularly bad trip while vacationing in Ireland.

Cast: Lindsey Haun (True Blood), Jack Huston (American Hustle), Max Kasch (Holes)

Stepfather 2
After escaping the insane asylum in which he was incarcerated,the Stepfather impersonates a marriage counselor and manages to win over a patient and her young son.

Cast: Terry O’Quinn (Lost), Meg Foster (They Live), Caroline Williams (Renfield)

Deep Woods
A successful architect out hunting wanders off the trail and is pursued into the treacherous woods by a ruthless drug cartel.

Cast: Tony Denison (The Closer), Jilon VanOver (Better Call Saul), Eddie Spears (Hell on Wheels)

A Place in Hell
Inspired by a real serial killer: A disgraced detective on the trail of a serial killer and a group of student filmmakers cross paths at a Halloween fright farm in the dead of winter…

Cast: Lewis Smith (Southern Comfort), Brian Anthony Wilson (The Postman), Christopher Mann (The Right Stuff)

The Ashram
After receiving a cryptic message from his missing girlfriend, a man travels to India to pick up her trail. Once there, he discovers a secret community in the Himalayas led by a guru with strange powers likely involved in her disappearance.

Cast: Sam Keeley (Kin), Hera Hilmar (See), Kal Penn (Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle)

Human Experiments
Country singer Rachel Foster stumbles upon an abandoned home that is the scene of a grisly multiple homicide and gets put in a women’s correctional facility where the inmates inexplicably go missing without a trace.

Cast: Linda Haynes (Rolling Thunder), Geoffrey Lewis (The Devil’s Rejects), Ellen Travolta (Grease)

Nazi Overlord
Against the background of the D-Day invasion, a US military unit must rescue a brilliant British scientist, who is held captive by the most dangerous SS guards, deep in enemy territory. The Allies’ victory depends on the success of this mission.

Cast: Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan), Dominique Swain (Lolita), Andrew Liberty (Criminal Minds)

A social media celebrity couple’s camping trip is ruined by a couple of filmmakers making a documentary on how easy it is to track someone down off social media and kill them.

Cast: Amanda Delaney (Pushing Tin), Justin Maina (Scare Package), Sean Michael Gloria (FBI)

A homeless woman living in the tunnels below New York City survives on her own terms in the days leading up to a blizzard.

Cast: Annapurna Sriram Checking (Billions), Mary Lu Garmone (Mister Sister), Bryan Amato (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel)

Truth or Dare
Eight college friends head to a “Haunted Rental” in a remote town for Halloween weekend. There, they play the game rumored to have caused the deaths of seven teenagers decades earlier, Truth or Dare.

Cast: Cassandra Scerbo (The Fall), Brytni Sarpy (The Young and the Restless), Mason Dye (Stranger Things)

The Anatomy of Monsters
Andrew plans to haunt a bar in order to ensnare an unsuspecting woman, but finds that this is more difficult than it appears.

Cast: Tabitha Bastien (The Wonderland Murders), Jesse Lee Keeter (Z Nation), Conner Marx (New Amsterdam)

Us and Them
Three disenfranchised British lads, intent on making a grand and brutish statement on economic inequality in the UK, use a wealthy banker and his family as their sacrificial lambs.

Cast: Jack Roth (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), Andrew Tiernan (300), Tim Bentinck (Ted Lasso)

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