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Necrophonic and Ghost Hunting

The Horror Facts team tests and reviews the latest ghost hunting and paranormal equipment. We spotlight essential tools like EMF meters, spirit boxes, motion sensors and more. Learn how these devices work to detect spirits and the unknown. Our recommendations cut through the hype to give you the gear guaranteed to produce results.

We assess popular products like the Ovilus, Mel-Meter and SB7 Spirit Box based on their effectiveness for recording EVPs and communicating with the other side. For anyone fascinated by the possibility of life beyond death, we have the advice and means to uncover the truth. Explore the paranormal trade with the tools approved by Horror Facts.

Find the best films to watch on Tubi.

Horror thrills hand-picked by the experts. Classic scares and modern frights, all free to stream. Horror Facts chooses the best of horror on Tubi TV.

Visit the Horrorfacts.com dedicated tubi section and discover what to watch on tubi tonight.

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Real Life Horror Stories

This section offers unique and original insights into the real-life events and phenomena that have inspired horror stories and films. We explore the disturbing tales behind popular horror movies, as well as lesser-known strange occurrences like the Annabelle doll, the Dybbuk box, and other strange artifacts with mysterious histories.

Delve into the madness and macabre true events that spawned some of the most unsettling works of horror. The truth is often more terrifying than fiction. In Real Life Horror, we separate horror facts from myth and provide an unflinching look at the realities that fuel our nightmares.

Interviews by Horror Facts

Horror Facts sits down with horror’s most influential stars, creative minds, and behind-the-scenes talents. Our in-depth interviews provide candid insights into the genre’s most popular films, shows, books, and more. Learn the stories behind your favorites and discover new scares from those who know horror best, the creators and stars themselves.

Raw, revealing, and always entertaining – our interviews showcase the real people who give life to nightmares, from actors and directors to authors and producers. Gain exclusive access into horror’s inner circle with Horror Facts.

Horror Facts is your source for the latest horror movie news, reviews, streaming recommendations, and in-depth features. We spotlight the real stories and events behind popular horror films, explore haunted locations, review and recommend the best ghost hunting tools, and interview genre stars.

Breaking news, spooky reveals, where to watch – if it’s frightening, we have it covered. Dig into terrifying true tales, get to know the creators who give life to your nightmares, learn the truth about paranormal legends, and find where to stream horror classics and new releases. Horror Facts – for everything scary and then some. The freshest frights are always free on HorrorFacts.com

We promise to keep you up to date on all the exciting news from the horror industry. If it’s current and terrifying, our authors have you covered with exclusive updates, in-depth profiles, and insightful critiques of the latest and greatest in horror media.